quick question about da nips

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    so the other day my friend stayed over and walked out of the shower topless and i saw that she had pretty big, dark nipples. they covered about 1/3 of her entire breast and she has like a b cup. lately ive been going on dates with her sister. i probably shouldn't be thinking about this to hard and i guess it doesnt really matter but it got me wondering what her nipple-to-boob ratio might be like lol

    im would assume they are going to be similiar, but the sister has bigger boobs and they both around the same height and stuff

    dont really know where im going with this but whatever lol


    has anyone, for whatever reason, seen two girls who are related to one another topless?

    p.s. they both have the same pale-ish olivy skin color.

    and by nipple i mean the entire area for you smartasses. (areola's?)
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