Quick Story: Foreskins in the urinals

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    A guy was walking towards the washroom so I followed him several steps behind. There were 3 urinals, he took the one on the far right so I took the left one. He stood up close and tight to the urinal so I could not see his cock. Then a 3rd guy comes in and stands between us. He unzips and flops out his cock and holds it with his right hand so I have a full view of it. It is long and uncut. He is not pissing. He is playing with it. The other guys leaves and the middle guy backs up a bit so I have a better view. I do the same and switch holding my dick from my right hand to my left hand so he can better see my cock. He is working his foreskin back and forth and I`m shaking my dick and pulling on my long overhanging foreskin and retracting it halfway to show him my purple blood engorged knob. I was enjoying what he was doing and I have amost a full boner. I ask "How long does your cock get"? He says "about 7, 7 and a half inches" "How about yours"? I reply "maybe 6, it is getting shorter as I get older" He chuckles and says "same here". Then he turns to the side and his right hand reaches out and grabs my cock. WTF. So I grab his cock with my right hand and we both jerk away on each other's cock. Fuck this is fun. I say "I'd like to see you jerk off". He replies "Oh boy, I'm not comfortable doing that here". I ask "Do you have a jerk off buddy"? He says "yeah, a couple". Now he lets go of my boner, zips up and pulls away before anybody comes in and sees us. As he walks away and I'm zipping up, I ask "Can I email you"? He replies "ahhh........ no". Guess I was interested and he wasn't - bummer. He did have a nice cock and it felt good in my hand.
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