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    ur thinking of me now sat here all wet and horny , pussy lips and clit filling with blood , swelling , needing ur touch , ur tongue and ur lips to tease and caress over them, ur fingers to explore inside me. Just one finger at first , just slowly moving round inside me. ur mouth on my clit , sucking it in so ur tongue can lick and tease it .
    Another finger slips in , then another , slipping them in and out ,in and out , my juices flowing over ur hand , im getting wetter and wetter, mmmm my pussy so nice and tight gasping as u fill me with ur fingers , in and out they go , faster and faster fingering me hard. i squirm and wriggle but can't move far , my clit still held firmly in ur lips sucking it hard.u know im gonna cum ,u take ur fingers out and tongue fuck me while rubbing my clit
    my back arches , juices flow , i cum screaming.u slowly get up licking your juices from ur hand ,u move forward for a kiss , i eagerly accept , our tongues meet and i taste my own juices. Slowly u drop ur pants , ur rock hard cock there infront of me. u rub it against my pussy and clit covering it in my juices , i want it so bad now. It's there just at my hole , i can feel it pulsing against my wet lips. Slowly teasingly u ease it in all the way leaning to kiss me as u do , pulling it back out again u ease it in. over and over u do this. out then all the way back in , gently at first but getting harder now. im going wild , squeezing my nipple and tits in pleasure. harder and harder we fuck . u tell me to wank and i do , switching from my clit to rubbing round ur cock as we fuck. i rub fast on my clit now. im gonna cum , fuck yeah fucking harder and faster ,my hand rubbing quicker and quicker , fuck yeah oh shit . i start to scream out , start to arch my back, im cumming , oh god yeah . ur still fucking me hard though. i can barely get my breathe now ru still fucking , ramming it hard now , ur gonna cum , I'm gonna cum . i grab ur arse and pull u in , don't stop i tell u, fuck me harder i scream , dont stop dont stop. Another orgasm erupts from inside me , my nails dig into ur arse ,my pussy grabs ur cock tight, one last violent thrust and we come together. We just stay there looking at each other , looks of pleasure and pure firey lust. slowly u pull ur cock out ,i grab it taking it in my mouth and hungrily suck it

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