Racial Presure

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by D_Roderick Beresford Stiffington IV, Nov 26, 2005.

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    I read the post you're talking about...its kind of a stupid post from a young kid who doesn't really know that filipinos are not stereotypically small, its more directed at Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc...and even then they're still stereotypes, generalities, not 100%. I have a Korean friend who is gigantic, about 8"...I call him Hung Young Hyung, sounds like a good Korean porn star name..

    As for that other guys post, its just stupid, don't pay attention to it...and stop watching Private Parts, not every black guy is hung. Your size is a very good one, slightly above average length, and good thickness, you have nothing to worry about...the preasure is only bad when you put it on yourself. My words might not make you feel better, but when you finally do have sex you'll realize you're packing good stuff and have no short comings...and welcome to the site.
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    Sep 12, 2005
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    you don't say.

    nevertheless, i'm sure it's not uncommon for some individuals to feel they need to meet a certain standard. simply put, society sears these, quite impractical, sentiments upon us with a hot rod [different forms of mediums]. it's all the matter of discovering and keeping you individuality and ascertaining the prospect that, essentially, how you perceive yourself is a colossal element in this thing called: life.

    but everything turns out alright in the end.
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    Dear injay, Welcome to LSPG. In answer to your question: in reality, very few men of any race have an extra large penis. I wonder if you're putting the "pressure" on yourself. There is nothing wrong with your size. Try to be proud of what you've got. Seriously.:) :)
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