Random Racist Humor

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    Saw this on another site and couldn't help but laugh. :biggrin1: For the record I don't think this about white people. :cool:

    Couple questions for white people.

    1. How come when yall get drunk....all the girls make out with other girls and all the guys do borderline gay shit with eachother?
    2. How come a vast majority of the women in relationships are just straight pushovers. If you were to call a black/spanish woman you were dating a "dumb bitch".....She will do everything in her power to make sure you aren't breathing the next morning.....but most white girls will just cry and eat a half gallon of ice cream.
    3. How come when yall party its nothing but drinking games? Whats wrong with playin some club music and dancing?
    4. How come yall dont learn your cities dances? You just flail your arms around wildly and pretend to be in sync with the music.
    5. Why are so many of you so scared to come out of your shell and just be obnoxiously loud and have fun?

    White Guy's Response
    1) All white people are gay.
    2) That's totally not true about black chicks. Ever seen Resevoir Dogs?
    3) Dancing is too close to heterosexual sex, and all white people are gay.
    4) All white people take a cocktail of meth and PCP before dancing.
    5) All white people are nazi agents. If we come out of our shell, we might spill secrets about the Fatherland and shit.
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