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    There is a huge difference in size between the smallest penises and the largest ones.

    Sometimes there is no comparison.

    We know penises range in size from 2 inches to over 10 inches, and in girth from 2.5 around to over 8 around.

    According to thevisualiser.net, a 2.5 x 2.5 penis has 19 cubic centimeters.

    You can about double that to 39 cc with a 3.4 x 3 penis.

    You can double it again to 77 cc with a 4 by 4.

    But you are still not nearly average.

    A man within the average range sporting a 5.5 length and a 4.8 girth has 152 cc - about double the previous one.

    To double that volume, you'd have to go past the average range (5 to 7 inches long ) and girth ( 4 to 5.5 around ) with a large cock that is 7.3 by 5.9.

    Another doubling takes you to about 600 cc with an enormous 10 x 7 organ.

    That is 5 doublings in volume! That final 10x7 penis is 32 times larger than the first one. What other body ranges in size by a factor of 32? Arm lengths don't vary by a factor of 32. Neither does a nose nor toes. Breasts might but height and weight do not. You will never find one person who is 32 times the height of another. Nor will you find one fully grown adult who weighs 32 times more than another adult.

    Evolution has made our body part lengths, heights, and weights within a small range. Most body part sizes do not vary by even a single factor of two. How odd that evolution has allowed penis sizes to vary by such a huge range of factor of 32. Frankly, I think the actual range is even broader than a factor of 32 because some men are smaller than 2.5 x 2.5 while others come in at more than 10 x 7.

    It's not just the sheer range in volume that makes the difference. A man with a penis that is double the average volume can each deeper inside a partner and fill her with more girth. If you ask a woman if she can feel the difference between an average man and one half his volume or twice his volume, she will tell you so.
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    whoa that is so true u made me feel good about myself but not in a gay way
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