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    Feb 4, 2010
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    Washington England tyne & wear
    lol i love very hard and rush cock and ball play
    haveing my hnds and feet tied up with a blind fold on wile haveing nothing on with full access for any 1 to play with my cock and balls to do with as thay see fit to use and abuse them as thay may want to ( so long as thay dont cut anything off lol) for them to slap my cock punch or kick me in the balls use a bat on my cock tie it to sumting or down to sumthing so i cant move all terns me on big time
    in other words simply tie and blind fold me then use and abuse me in any way you wish

    last gale i sed that to tied my hands behind my back got the broom and tied my feet to each end of that blind folded me then let her sadistic side loose my balls ws black and blue my cock god she wacked it with the poker from the fier tied it down to the table thow a hole as she pushed me down on my back then started to kick my cock

    befor she was finished she sed ime all good so long as i dont cut it off yess

    i sed yess notnowing what was comming

    she then nailed my cock head down i did say so long as she dident cut oout off well she dident and

    i loved it all i want it all again
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