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    Actually, it's not that they're "too gay", at least not for me.

    My concern is more about the lifestyle of pro or semi-pro drag. I'm sure there are many with real jobs and stable homes. But the ones whom I've met live right at the very fringes of society, where booze and drugs predominate as one of life's necessities, not just an occasional diversion.

    Drag pays very little, but even a modest career involves crazy hours that preclude anything like a conventional life (with the attendant responsibilities). This leads to a life lived in ways that nearly anyone would find impossible to find common ground with.

    Much the same applies to any sort of bar work (including my own), but I'm able to strike a reasonable balance that I've found rare in the drag community: it's a very, very hard life for most of them. The fact that an occasional rarity has been able to achieve such balance is the exception that proves the rule.

    I'm certainly no angel, but stability (emotional and financial) is on my short list of potential relationship candidates, and it's one found in short supply within the drag community.
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