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    I don't know why I was so horny today, but my goodness, I was doing a slow burn. Wanted to make it interesting so I slapped a fistfull of KY on my twitching asshole,put on my old shortsand a tank top that showed my nipples and strolled down to the beach enterance to watch the guys. Hot, tan bodies of every discription ere my parade. I wiggled my butt every time an extra beautiful man walked by. The first guy to raise my tempeture was sporting a dark trail toward the heavy outline of a massive cock in his white soft square legged trunks. He noticed that I noticed and said,"Excuse me, you know of a mens room aroung here, I gotta take a wicked piss." His hand gentle lifted his package as he spoke. I could feel the jelly's moisture as I puckered in and out. "Sure I said, right over by those palms."
    "You wouldn't be going that way?"
    "Great idea"
    I held my ass cheeks tight as I walked along side of him, I could almost feel that fat mushroom head he was sporting in those trunks about to push into my most intimate oppening, my pussy man ass. Omg he was powerful and huge. As I turned to ask he he wanted me to follow into the men's room, I noticed he was gone, as if he wasn' there at all. I turned around and walked pack to the bench, to wait for number 2.
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