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    I want to know how boys and girls felt like when they were getting anal.
    Don't be shy and post your story!

    I'll start!

    I was 20 when I went to a collage party with my friends. It was in a house near by owned by someone that went to the collage. There were alot of people. Any ways, we were dancing (me and my friends) when suddenly this tall muscular guy walks up to us and leans over and asks me if I could dance with him. I still remember him, he was tall black spiky hair, and he looked veyr muscular. I said sure, after we stopped dancing we went to the living room where everyone was drinking and talking. We both starting talking and drinking and talking. After the party was over, he asked me if I wanted to go to his apartment. My friends heard him ask me and they said sure instead of me answering. So I went with him, he had a very nice car. When we got to his apartment he went to the kitchen while I set in a sofa in front of this huge TV he had. He came back with 2 beers and we started talking more. I dont remember much since I was so drunk from the party. All I remember is that after we started making out in the couch. He was like best kisser I've ever kissed with. As we were making out we went into his bedroom and he started taking his shirt off and unbuckle hsi pants and he took them off with his shoes. He has this green and white boxers. I took off my shirt and then he came to me and took of my braw. He had this hot body with like abs and tight chest. We started making out some more and as we were I could feel his penis on my legs and chest. It felt long, thick, and semi-erect. I took of my pant and then he took off my *thongs*. I took off his boxers and started heading him. He was on his knees on the bed. Then he told me to put a condom on him but I was still heading him. His penis was one of the biggest I've ever seen. I would say it was about 10 inches or 9. I didn't want to stop heading him, he was so hot and his penis was hotter then him. I put on the condom and then he asked me if it was okey if he could do it on my vagina. I said yes and we started having sex on his bed for about 30 minutes. He stopped right before he came and he was good at holding it in. Then we kept going at it. I headed and stroke him more. Then he went behind me and slid his gun up my but. It felt so GOOD. It went in and out and it felt so good. He wouldnt stop. Then he slid it out again and I started heading him with out his condom and he finally came. I love having cum in my mouth. After, I kept heading him then, we fell asleep in his bed.
    The morning after he asked me how it was and I said amazing. We went out for about 6 months after but then I broke up with him. Let's just say I found someone else :p
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