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    Just thought I'd start a thread to tell some of my personal stories about life with a relatively big cock. I hope you enjoy!

    One night at a local pub, I ran into a friend who I've been fucking off and on for a few years. She's a sexy little brunette with perky C cup titties and tanned, toned legs that go up and make a tight little round ass out of themselves. The final touch is her insatiable bald pussy that craves my fat cock, so I knew we'd end up back at her place when the pub closed. We shot a few games of pool and exchanged sexual innuendo for about two hours. Sometime during our last game, I noticed a little blonde walking over to our table. I didn't know this girl, but apparently she knew my friend. They squealed and laughed as they embraced and relayed that it's been so long since they've seen each other. After they finished their reunion, my friend introduced me and added, "this is the guy I told you about ". I didn't think anything of it, but the blonde smiled even bigger and said, "really nice to finally meet you..I've heard A LOT about you! I laughed and said I hope it was good and she said, " oh hell yes, it is"! They both laughed in unison as I took my turn on the pool table and they continued to talk. When my friend was about to take her turn on the table, she came to me and whispererd, "Lisa wants to see your cock". Naturally, that thought immediately made my shaft start to throb and I said, "when and where "? She said, "we'll get out of here and go to my place". Needless to say, we didn't finish the pool game and I payed the bar tab. The three of us left the pub and I followed them to my friend's house. We went into the kitchen and my friend handed me a bottle of wine to open while she grabbed some glasses. I opened the bottle and not long after a quick toast and a small sip, the blonde said,"so show me this big cock I've heard so much about"! That sent my friend into action and she began unbuttoning my jeans. My shaft had been throbbing and drooling precum in anticipation and when she slid my pants down, Lisa was already on her knees with her eyes glued to my crotch. My fat cock sprung out and I could hear them both gasp with amazement and delight. My friend immediately wrapped her hungry mouth around my swollen cockhead as Lisa fondled my smooth balls and fat shaft. She grabbed it and squeezed it while my friend worked my cockhead ...teasing out more of my hot cock juices.

    So this is the beginning of a hot night...if you want to read more, please let me know. I have many more experiences that I can't wait to share as well!
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