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Real Life Stories 2

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by 5514231, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. 5514231

    5514231 Guest

    My Experience Stripping in College
    Back when I was in college I earned extra money stripping at a club and for some parties. I was superfit, then, and i've always had a fairly large cock. When i say i made extra cash, i mean a lot of extra, and i got addicted to showing off around that time.

    One night I was supposed to do a bachelorette party, but I was running really behind because it was near the end of the Spring semester and I was stuck taking a calculus exam. When i got out of my exam, I changed and rushed over to the house where I was supposed to perform. The house was right near Forest Glen, and it was huge--really nice, too. By the time i finally got there i was nearly 2 hours late.

    The women at the party were all drunk as fuck. I mean, some of them were falling down drunk. I got set up and started playing the music, and before i was even out of my thong (which was really more of a cock sock), some of the women were virtually on top of me.

    One older lady--maybe 50ish--started rimming my asshole while another pulled aside the thong and started licking my cockhead. She quickly moved down to suck on and lick my balls. Damn I was as hard as fuck. My cock was throbbing in that woman's hand and i was already dripping pre-cum.

    I ended up fucking 5 of the women that night. 3 of them were probably in there 30s or 40s, but 2 were def in their 20s or so. I fucked three of them in front of a whole bunch of the others. At one point, I pulled out of one pussy, pushed my cock into another, withdrew from that pussy and pushed it into an asshole. I came at least 3 times including cumming in the ass of that older lady. one of the ladies had one of the loudest, most frantic orgasms I've ever seen. I thought she was going into convulsions.

    Here's the kicker: that older lady who started it off by tongue fucking my asshole was the mother of the bride. I didn't get to fuck the bride, who left almost right away and seemed pretty furious.

    I did, however get $300 in tips in addition to the fee i got for just showing up, so all in all it was a pretty fantastic night.
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