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    I, as well as tons of other straight guys, am looking for real women to skype with. This means have a picture of you or some part of you, but even more so having gold membership and a pic of you/some part of you (your call) to seal the deal. I always see tons of 'women' on here in the skype threads who never have a pic or gold member status, and I don't regard them as women, I see them as probably being men trying to pass off flirtatiously as women who just want to see an endowed man doing his thing on cam. I respect the need for ladies not wanting to show too much in pics, but showing nothing at all a.k.a having no pics or gold member status with pics really sows some doubt.

    So going out on a limb here with my skype and hope some real women will show up for all interested in this thread, if you want to stay private with your skype a private message instead of posting it in the open here always works.

    So mine is: lion.traveler

    Hope to see you gals (and guys also looking for the gals).
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