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    So my husband and I got a new Vizio passive 3D TV for Christmas this year, and the picture is incredible. My laptop has HDMI out, and we connect it to the TV for streaming all kinds of content (the TV has VIA with WiFi but the content there is still limited).

    We don't yet have a 3D blueray player, but I was thinking why do that if we can stream just about anything.

    We are pretty excited to check out 3D porn. Something tells me it would be pretty hot. Does anyone know any sites that stream 3D content in the RealD format? (it is the same format that the theaters use for 3D)

    I don't even mind paying for a site if there is enough content and it is quality, but I would love a free site first to try it out and see if it works and if it is worthwhile.
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