Recollections of puberty

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    Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right website to post this question. If not, could someone point me in the right direction? I'm a guy interested in knowing what puberty was like for girls/women. Are there any women here who remember and can describe what puberty was like? I'm looking for general autobiographies but also have some loose questions. What was important at the time: physical changes, friendship, family, intimate relationships, something else? What changes occur? Physical changes? Weight gain? Height? Growth spurts? Breast development? How fast did these changes occur? How did any changes (like physical development) impact on social interaction? Pain? Physical sensations? Reactions? First experiences with...menstruation, bras, feminine hygeine, things that men might not be aware of? People treating you differently? Impact of any changes? Descriptions, growth charts, change in measurements (not just breasts but hips, height, weight, feet, whatever). Why am I asking such a possibly weird question? I think it's because i had a sudden feeling of being sexually ignorant, like being asked to go shopping for tampons and not knowing what to look for or get. I don't know how many men have ever gotten that feeling but I did. I want to know more about feminine society...
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