Record suicides of soldiers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arkfarmbear, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Well golly gee, who woulda' thunk it?!
    Yesterday I watched some gas bag "General" doing the mea culpa routine regarding suicides.
    An internal investigation had revealed the problem was at the "top" of the military!
    He insinuated that this was a startling discovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think thousands of soldiers and their loved ones could've led them to the truth many years ago!
    The real tragedy is that some of the folks in power will come up with some "guidelines" to address the problems. They won't work or be enforced. These acts of desparation will continue.
    It will simply be a tool for the military to use as a basis to prosecute someone down the ranks if a suicide occurs on their watch.
    And the even bigger tragedy is that most of us, including me, are so busy dealing with our own complicated lives that we simply deal with "now" and don't have the time, energy or emotional stamina to do anything else!
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