Religion Debunked - A must see video...

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    I think it is a real shame is that the world at large has been brainwashed over the centuries to think that Christianity and other religions hold the "truth" about the Creative Energy most call God (Allah, etc.). They generally preach a doctrine of God as being separate from us and then the religions create even more "entities" that cause us to be even further separated from this energy by perpetrating these entities as "saviours" or emissaries that have some special connection to the God force that WE dont have because we are "tainted" and if we follow their "teachings" that we have a better chance of getting our "reward".

    If we would ALL come together realizing that WE ARE IN FACT the God force expressing itself THROUGH us and then using our "higher selves" to connect directly with that force like most of the indigenous people knew how to do BEFORE these religions showed up to "SAVE" them (under the penalty of DEATH) then a lot of the religious "warfare" would cease to exist as well as these worshiped ICONS because when the blind faith is discarded and you use your OWN intention and discernment to find out the TRUTH, you will discover most NEVER even physically existed.

    If you want to see a movie that CLEARLY reveals this (among other things we should know about while we are distracted with "stuff", so this kind of activity continues for the most part unabated) and you have an OPEN MIND go check out:

    Zeitgeist - The Movie, 2007
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