Rex Goudie, Ben Mulrooney packages...

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by reallyhot, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Did anyone watch etalk daily today?
    Rex Goudie was interviewed while up in Fort McMurray, Alberta...
    In the transportation scene he's sitting riding along in the back seat of a vehicle while being interviewed, you see his jacket bulging out hugely with his erection, I'd love to see some screen caps of it...Can someone help with that and post it on this thread? Thanks!
    it's absolutely enormous...nice package.

    it's pretty impressive...check it out on CTV..
    Anyone else got some bulge pics of him?

    And Ben Mulrooney was on the show hosting, at one point one of the singers from a rock group (forgot the name of it), runs after him on set tryng to get into his pants, and Ben hollers "not the package, not the package"...while the guy has him around the waist...Ben later says "we have some history together", the singer then remarks "I'll rub one out for anyone from your family for $50.00"...I was like "am I hearing this on daytime t.v.?"...What a turn on...Clearly the singer is gay!
    It was hilarious!...As for Ben, he must be horny/ in heat all the time, he never can stand he's got a monster under those clothes!
    Anyone got good hard bulge pics of either of these two guys???
    Check it out, it was really quite a show this morning...

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