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    Hey everyone, I need some assistance. I've been searching quite some time now for information on an old issue of Playgirl. I'm hopeing since there's a good mix of men and women here, someone can help. As a teen I found my parents stash of porn and ran accrossed a Playgirl with a layout of the artist Robert Wyland. He paints murals of marine life. Whether or not the model was actually him, I'm not sure. I thought at the time that he was phenomenal. He made such an impression that the feeling I got looking at him has never left. He has become this icon in my head although I can barely remember what he looked like. I've built him up so much that sometimes I go on these binges to try to find a back issue. I've searched the net with no results. I've found a couple sites that list and describe back issues all the way to the start but they don't list all the models and I can't find him anywhere. The only one that really struck a bell was the August? 88 issue with David Salas on the cover but I'm not sure. Or it could have been Oct. 88 with Scott Valentine. Again, not sure. I'm pretty positve it was 88 or earlier, The layout started with him in overalls I think, painting a mural and later had him laid out on a very warm looking, inviting bed with a belly up shot of what I pictured to be the most perfect cock. As you can tell, I'm very passionate about this. It was a big part of my comeing of age. Any info on what issue this was, It would be so appreciated. Also, any scans or uploads would be awesome but I really want to get ahold of a copy. Thanks.
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