Rubber Honeymoon

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    My wife and I had a small wedding ceremony in our small church. We enjoyed our small group of friends at the wedding reception immediately after the service. During a dance with my now new wife, she whispered to me that I was in for a real treat on the second night of our honeymoon. I was extremely puzzled by the reference to the second night. I was looking for great treats on the first night! After saying good by to our family and friends we got in my car and drove for three uneventful hours down to New Orleans, a town we really enjoyed.

    We checked in to a small hotel in the back of the French Quarter, as it was off the beaten track of the tourist and noise. As I was helping the bellhop unload the car I noticed my wife seemed to have a lot of luggage, but since I’m new at all of this, I figured that’s just the way she travels. Lots of bags!

    I did restrain myself in getting to the room in that I did not bound up the stairs three at a time! I was so horny that I was about to scream. Once in the room and settled we went straight to the shower. Needless to say, we had sex ever which way that you could imagine. At the end of the night when we turned the lights out my balls were absolutely empty. (I am leaving out lots of juicy details here as the focus of this story is on the second night).

    The next morning we had a full New Orleans style breakfast and just stuffed ourselves. My wife said she was sort of sore from the night before and I admitted that I was also. I suggested on our day of sightseeing on the town that we stop in to some drug store and get another bottle of lube, as we pretty well used up one bottle already! I had plenty of condoms so we didn’t need any at this point.

    We got on a horse drawn carriage and toured the French Quarter for a couple of hours, including a tour of the cemetery, which was very unusual to say the least. We went back to the hotel after a great lunch down in the Garden District. Having gotten not much sleep the night before, we both crashed on the bed for about two hours, both dead to the world.

    The hotel clerk suggested a very small café two doors down from the hotel. It was not much to look at from the street, but it had a great courtyard. Over a great meal of Gulf shrimp and other Louisiana foods and almost two bottles of a nice wine, it was time to turn in to the hotel. Frankly, I had forgotten all about my wife’s reference to the Second Night Treat until we unlocked the door to the room.

    As I started to grill her as to what she meant, she said that I had to trust her and follow her commands exactly. As a marriage is 50-50 I agreed without exception. First we needed to take a bath after the hot day traveling. It was a large shower and four could fit into, so we had plenty of room to wash each other. I got extreme pleasure in her lathering up my hard dick and washing my balls with plenty of soap. After toweling off we jumped right into bed, as we were both horny for each other. I wanted me in her and she wanted my dick inside her in a bad way!

    As we were feeling each other and she enjoying getting me harder and harder and watching my dick drip with pre-cum, all of a sudden she told me I was to follow her commands for my treat. I was game! She had me lay on the bed spread eagle and she reached into one of her many bags and pulled out a blinder to cover my eyes. It fit real snug over my eyes and I couldn’t see a thing except blackness. Next she slipped large rubber type small ropes over my hands tying me to the bed spread eagle. My feet were not tied at this point. This, all of a sudden, I was enjoying, as she was playing with my hard dick at the same time. It was standing straight up, although I couldn’t see it, but sure could feel what was going on.

    Then I heard her moving one of the bags out of the closet next to the bed. I could hear her pulling items out of the bag, but couldn’t tell what it was. Sounded like a soft rustling sound of cloth of some kind. She said she would be in the bathroom putting something on for me and to wait for a minute. Very shortly she came out of the bathroom and then I could hear something else coming out of the bag. She said now was my treat. I was to raise my feet a couple inches off the mattress. All of a sudden I could feel something very soft and sort of cool to the touch going over my feet, then up my legs to my knees. She asked me to raise my butt off the bed a little as she slipped this garment up on me up to my waist.

    At this point she said that she was going to take my blinders off as she had to finish dressing me. When she removed them, I was looking at my wife in a full latex cat suit that was as red as a fire engine. When I looked down at myself I could see that I was half dressed in a cat suit, entirely black in color with a red stripe running down my legs. My dick immediately got harder with this new latex experience. Looking back at my wife I realized that her large breast were really accented by the latex and that her nipples were totally exposed through the latex suit, as it had cut outs for the nipples.

    In sort order she pulled up my cat suit, undid the bindings on my hands, and I was in a full cat suit. It was really great looking on, in that it had been modified in that the crotch was cut out and my hard dick was standing up through the opening. She reach over to the bedside stand and got our new bottle of lube and generously lubed up my dick. Then crawling up on top of me, she lowered herself onto my throbbing shaft and started rocking back and forth on me.

    The smell of the latex, the rubbing together of our suits, and this new experience, needless to say, brought me to shoot my huge cum load into her all to quickly. As she laid on me she told me, “I told you I’d have a surprise for you on our second night”.
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    VERY hot!
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