Russia cuts Ukraine gas supply

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dong20, Jan 1, 2009.

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    Oustanding debts aside, energy being used as a political tool [in this case a punishment too] is nothing new of course and nothing of undue concern (outside Ukraine) today.

    But to borrow from another party at the other end of the political spectrum; Ukraine today ...
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    Russia's actions are most concerning.

    There is in fact a dispute about whether the Ukraine has or has not paid the debts - I think it is that they have paid at the price agreed some years ago but have not paid at the higher price Russia now wishes to charge retrospectively. The consequences for the Ukraine are immediate and dire - basically people go cold, and it is mighty cold in the Ukraine in January.

    The likely consequence is that the Ukraine will be destabilised allowing Russia to install a puppet government. There are large minorities within the Ukraine that would like this. In Russia the move would increase the popularity of acting president Putin and nominal president Medvedev. Russia may need some military incursion to destroy Ukrainian democracy, and it may wish to do this anyway to demonstrate the power of its army, please the Russian home audience and frighten the rest of the world.

    What we are facing is the snuffing out of a pro-Western democracy in the Ukraine which is a key to the energy supplies of Europe. In its place we are seeing the rebuilding of a Soviet-style evil empire with a despotic ruler busy rearming Russia and destabilising the Middle East in order to impose a Marxist-Leninist regime.

    The best course of action for the west would be to pay the Ukraine the money Russia wants. This would strengthen the pro-western faction in the Ukraine. With fast development the Ukraine could be brought into Europe. We badly need a half-way house of associate EU membership for countries including Georgia, the Ukraine, Armenia, perhaps even Azerbaijan.

    Putin/Medvedev are acting at a time when the USA is between presidents, the UK has an economic disaster and a morally bankrupt prime minister now condemned by the anglican bishops. The whole world is watching Gaza. I have a horrible feeling Russia is going to get away with it. Has Obama got the bottle to lead the simple solution? ie the west pays the money Russia is demanding and basks in the gratitude of the Ukraine.
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