Ryan Atwood

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    The Phallus Palace: Ryan Atwood must have a really nice cock.

    Lets see...Marissa loved his cock. She gave up seeing Luke who was a water polo player for Ryan's love meat. Ryan got tired of sharing it with her and shared it with Thresa and she loved it so much it got her preggo. Marissa realized she could never find another cock so nice so she got turned off cock and went for Alex. Ryan then got to use his giant cock on his other Aunt, Aunt Lindsee.

    Best Family Show on TV and it is all about Ryan's cock.
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    Thanks, TPP. I haven't missed an episode of "The CO" yet, but now that you make Ryan's dick the center point of the show, I'll get lots more 'satisfaction' from watching it. So sad that we don't get to see a bulge down there, though. Have I missed seeing one? Whatever the boy has, I bet he knows how to use it. As cute as he is, he has to be in demand for it.
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