Safe Sex Saves The Rain Forest

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    The world's most unlikely eco-saviours

    Environmental champions can come in all shapes and sizes. And while some headline-grabbing eco-miracles may turn out to be more hype than real help, genuine aid can arrive from the most humble of sources.

    And so, in a spirit of hope, we present a handful of the more unlikely eco-saviours to have made recent news.


    Safe sex is one thing, but whoever heard of condoms saving the rainforest? Well in one corner of northwest Brazil, our little rubber friends have indeed succeeded in silencing the chainsaws.

    Brazil claims to be the world’s biggest buyer of condoms. And while this might smack of a little Latin bragging, it is backed up by one of the world’s biggest AIDs programmes to distribute free contraceptives.

    Until now, most condoms were imported from Asia. However, the government recently opened an unusual condom factory in northwest Brazil, which aims to produce 100 million annually with latex derived from the Amazon rainforest.

    Rubber is a natural product of the rainforest, and can be extracted manually by small-time rubber tappers without any unnecessary disruption of the natural eco-system.

    So in one clever move the government has succeeded in giving Amazonian peoples jobs and an economic stake in preserving the forest. Not to mention drastically cutting their own reliance on imports.

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