Sagging pants may cause ED!!!!

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    Interesting article came up on twitter! Swagging pants, underwear style could make your solider limp...:wink:

    According to posture and vitality expert Aaron Parnell, one of the biggest health problems is severe bad posture. Parnell who treats over a dozen young people a year with problems directly related to wearing baggy pants or sagging pants without a belt says many fail to realize is that to keep their pants from falling down, young people are forced to walk in an awkward manner. They rotate their legs inwardly at the knees and turn their feet outward to keep balance. This creates bad posture.
    He noted, walking this way can also lead to hip degeneration and low back problems. Further, rotating your legs like this everyday can lead to life-long knee misalignments and bunions.

    link to the whole article
    Wearing Saggy Pants Linked to Erectile Dysfunction & Other Health Issues | Davey D-Hip Hop Culture-Hip Hop Politics
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