Sainsbury’s car park, near where I live.

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    A predominant Irish accent came from the lady stood in front of me in the queue for lottery tickets.

    I could not help but notice that underneath her brown jacket and trouser suit, she was wearing fishnets. “ Tights or stockings I thought to myself “

    When I looked up again, I also noticed that beneath her tight pink sweater, there laid a lovely large pair of breasts. Not bad for a mature woman I thought.

    I was served very quick, which gave me the opportunity to follow her, at a discreet distance, to her car.

    I made up some cock and bull story about forgetting where I had parked my car – just so I could hear that accent again.

    Then, to my own surprise, I just blurted out “ tights or stockings “

    She asked what I said and I thought – whoops. So I asked again “ tights or stockings “

    “ Tights “ was the reply – “ too cold for stockings “ she added.

    “ Yes I can see that you like to wrap up warm “, looking down at her firm breasts.
    “ I bet they are nice and warm “ I added.

    “ Are you referring to my breasts “ she asked. I just nodded and could not keep my eyes off them. They must have been at least 36 / 38 DD all encompassed under that pink sweater.

    “ I would not mind seeing how warm they are “ I said – thinking by now it do or die time.

    “ Well follow me home because my husband is still at work “
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