Saturday in Satin

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    Here's one I wrote for another forum of a different type. I hope it will be okay here though.


    Brian awoke and rubbed his eyes. It was the last Saturday before New Year. The time on the clock radio registered 9.27. Noticing that Anne's side of the bed was empty he remembered her muttering something during their bedtime pillow chat the previous evening about nipping into town early to take advantage of the sales. Knowing how much he hated shopping she'd obviously slipped out earlier whilst he was still deep in the land of slumber. That she would be flexing the plastic and spending his money there was no doubt. Brian knew his place. It was his job to go out and earn the money, Anne's to spend it for him ? something at which she was very adept.

    Not unusually he had a touch of early morning wood, perhaps not surprising because he'd not peed for over ten hours and he was feeling rather aroused anyway. His naked cock stiffened and pushed against the weight of the duvet. He felt like playing with himself but knew that Anne would go ape if he jacked off on the clean sheets, not that she was ever bothered about her own lapses in personal cleanliness when it suited her!

    Pushing back the duvet cover, Brian swung his legs to the ground. It was time to consider a shower and a leak. Looking across the bedroom though he noticed a pair of cream satin panties trimmed with black lace which Anne had recently bought at one of the sales in Woodchester. Although he didn't consider himself to be a cross dresser as such, Brian had recently wondered what Anne's panties felt like to wear. Normally she wore plain white full maxi briefs but she occasionally bought something more luxurious for special occasions. Venturing over to the chair where they'd been left, Brian picked them up. They looked and felt fantastic. Surely there would be no harm in trying them on quickly, just to see what they felt like. He was confident that Anne wouldn't be back for ages. Her shopping trips seemed to take forever, a good reason for not accompanying her on them.

    Sitting on the side of the bed, Brian gingerly put the panties on. They were a little tight round the waist and put his stiff cock and balls under pressure. Apart from that, they were amazingly comfy though. The satin felt luxurious against his skin and he gave it a gentle stroke. Why were only women allowed the luxury of such gorgeous undies, he wondered?

    Mesmerised by the feel and texture of Anne's panties, Brian didn't hear his wife's car in the drive, her key in the door, or soft footsteps on the stairs. A gentle cough made him look up though. Anne stood in the bedroom doorway, a look of puzzled amusement on her face.

    ?And what have we here??

    Although he expected it, there was no anger in her voice and she was attempting to stifle a giggle with some difficulty. Brian blushed, not knowing what to say or do. He'd been well and truly caught and was nearly wetting himself with fear, his already strong need to pee getting ever more urgent.

    ?I...I...? he stammered, unable to find words.

    A smiling Anne came to his rescue.

    ?You were curious, weren't you??

    Blushing, Brian felt a dryness in his mouth and his heart raced. He managed to find a voice though.

    ?Yes. I was. Look I'm terribly sorry. Look. I've got to go to the loo and get dressed. Here ? have them back.?

    He started to remove them but Anne grabbed them and pulled them up round his aching cock.

    ?Hey Brian, it's alright. I'm not cross. They're lovely, aren't they? Don't they feel gorgeous? Look, why don't you wear them today? You can be an honorary lady for the day.?

    She giggled, tickling his cock as she did so.

    ?I'm not sure about that.?

    ?I am.?

    There was a confident ring about her voice which should have mistrusted.

    ?However Brian,? she continued, ?there are a few ground rules which you'll have to follow in return for the privilege. When you go to pee you'll have to sit down like a lady. No standing and cheating. I can't so you won't. I'll supervise all bathroom visits and they'll be with my express permission. Oh, and no playing with yourself. It's not ladylike and I don't want you spunking those clean knickers up. They were expensive and I intend them to last.?

    Brian looked panic stricken.

    ?Anne, I need to go to the bathroom now. I'm bursting for a pee.?

    Anne looked triumphant. Now she could get her own back for Brian's teasing about the accidents to which she was so often prone.

    ?No Brian. You don't need to go just yet. You only think you do. I'll take you after breakfast if I think you need to go.?

    ?But I'm bursting?, Brian whimpered.

    ?No you're not bursting, Brian. You don't know what bursting is. You're always running to the toilet so I can't imagine you've ever had a chance to find out. Think of today as an opportunity to practice a little self control.?

    ?Self control! That's rich coming from you, the only woman I know who wets her knickers ? and the bed when she has a mind to!? Brian was as indignant as he sounded.

    ?At least I try?, Anne retorted. ?You don't catch me running to the loo every half hour. Anyhow, I'm not having any more argument. Put that shirt on. You can borrow my red and grey tartan skirt. It looks rather like a kilt so you'll be okay. Now I think it's time we went down to breakfast. What do you want? Toast or cereal??

    ?But you always cook me a full English on Saturdays?, Brian protested.

    Anne was having no nonsense.

    ?Brian, full English breakfasts are for weak willed, weak bladdered, masturbating men. As you're an honorary lady for the day it would be a pity to waste a perfect opportunity like this to do some girlie things like a spot of healthy eating for a change. Here's some squash. Coffee will be ready in a minute.?

    Brian took a sip of the proffered freshly squeezed orange juice, to moisten his parched mouth. She had him well and truly where she wanted him and he walked so innocently into the trap.

    ?Oh very well. Toast please. Plenty of that Oxford marmalade though.?

    Brian's desperation was increasing and he was practically at bursting point. His erection was subsiding and the limited protection it offered him against wetting was waning. Whilst Anne's back was turned to do the toast he reached up his skirt and squeezed his aching cock through the satin panties. Just then, Anne turned abruptly and gave him an accusing look as she caught him in the act.

    ?Brian, what did I say about not playing with yourself? Stop it immediately!?

    Brian went red with anger, as much as embarrassment.

    ?Sorry Anne. I wasn't masturbating. It's just that I'm absolutely bursting to pee and I don't think I can hold any longer.?

    Before she could reply Brian lost control, totally wetting the sumptuous satin panties he was wearing as well as the back of the skirt. A torrent of rich, copper coloured, early morning pee cascaded out of his throbbing penis, soaking the chair and creating an enormous puddle on the kitchen floor. Scarcely able to find words, he put his head in his hands.

    ?I'm sorry Anne. I just couldn't hold a second longer. I told you I was desperate but you didn't take any notice. I don't think I'm up to this.?

    Anne out a comforting arm round his shoulder.

    ?Sush dear. It's alright. Accidents happen and they're a part of life. The point is you tried and I'm proud of you for doing it. Those panties will wash. Look, let's take you to the bathroom and get you showered. I've plenty more panties and skirts like these you can change into.?

    Brian looked distinctly apprehensive.

    ?I'm not sure about that. Can we end this little experiment of yours now??

    There was a firmness but a kindness in Anne's voice.

    ?No darling. We've only just begun. After you're cleaned up and we've finished breakfast we're going to Wendy's for a nice long girlie chat. I'll get her to put on that extra strong coffee we gave her for Christmas and dig out the chocolate digestives she keeps on the off-chance that you might join us. Remember I don't use Wendy's loo though and I won't expect you to either. This afternoon you can help me with some flower arranging at the church. Remember there's no loo there so you're going to have to be very brave and disciplined. I know you can do it though.?

    Brian groaned. Anne was obviously enjoying every moment of this and he could tell by the grin on her face that she intended to exploit the situation to the full.

    THE END.
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