Saved by the Boobs

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    Big breasts win verdict for Japanese pin-up - Yahoo! News

    Big breasts win verdict for Japanese pin-up

    Tue Mar 4, 12:15 AM ET
    TOKYO (AFP) - A Japanese pin-up model says that her big breasts have not only boosted her career -- they also helped her overturn a court verdict.
    The bikini model, who goes by her professional name Serena Kozakura, was cleared after a court decided she was too well-endowed to squeeze into a room through a hole, as she had been found guilty of earlier.
    "I used to hate my body so much," Kozakura, who has appeared in product commercials on television, told the private Asahi network in an interview aired Tuesday.
    "But it was my breasts" that won in court, she said.
    The case was splashed through the Japanese media on Tuesday, with the Asahi network even inviting her to demonstrate how she could not fit through the opening.
    Kozakura, 38, was convicted last year of property destruction after a man said she kicked in the wooden door of his room and crawled inside, apparently because he was with another woman.
    Kozakura had said the man made the hole himself.
    In her appeal, the defence counsel held up a plate showing the size of the hole and said that she could not squeeze through with her 110-centimetre (44-inch) bust.
    "The judges were very good-mannered as they showed no expressions on their faces. I guess they're well-trained," Kozakura said.
    Tokyo High Court presiding judge Kunio Harada agreed and threw out the guilty verdict on Monday, saying there was reasonable doubt over the man's account.
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    She does have a point (or two).

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    Oh yeah, you can BET that it'll be all over the Japanese media. For months. And she'll be invited onto chat shows for years. Then she'll do ads. I can just see it.
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