Sean and Kyle

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    It started in the bar urinals.

    Sean:- Hey! what you looking at?
    Kyle:- Oh, sorry dude, it's, well, i just thought that I had a big cock, but...
    Sean:- Right. Well, yea, i DO have a big cock.
    Kyle:- Yea, i see. How big is it, i'm 9" rocked.
    Sean:- That's a big cock, not as big as me tho, i'm 11.5" with a 6" girth.
    Kyle:- Fuck me!!!, i mean that's huuuuuge.
    Sean:- So you like looking at other dudes cocks or what?
    Kyle:- No, that's gay dude, i just couldn't not notice, ya know?
    Sean:- Ok, then, hahaha, so what's your name?
    Kyle:- It's kyle dude.
    Sean:- Pleased to meet you Kyle Dude, i'm Sean.
    Kyle:- Hey. doesn't matter actually.
    Sean:- No, go on Kyle, whatever you gotta say, say it. I'm cool.
    Kyle:- So, what does it feel like, ya know, having a cock so big?
    Sean:- Its weighty lol, what do ya want me to say? You wanna feel it?
    Kyle:- Aint that a bit gay?
    Sean:- Nah, its just bonding, right?
    Kyle:- I, suppose. Ok then, just so i can compare tho right.
    Sean:- Right, i'm not gay dude, so its cool if you're not either.
    Kyle:- No, i'm not, 100% straight here.
    Sean:- Cool, well we should go somewhere for some privacy ya know.
    Kyle:- Yea, sure, people would get ideas n that haha.
    Sean:- Come back to my place, my girlfriends away.
    Kyle:- Erm, ok, but....
    Sean:- Whats up?
    Kyle:- Its just, i hardly know you and....
    Sean:- And it seems a bit gay right?
    Kyle:- Yea, a bit, are you sure its not gay?
    Sean:- Nah, we're just new friends hangin out at my place, nothin gay!
    Kyle:- Ok, cool. So does it really throb when you're, ya know...
    Sean:- Dude, that's a bit personal.

    At Sean's Studio flat, stroking their cocks.

    Sean:- So, you ready to see it and feel it hard?
    Kyle:- Yea dude, ready to compare.
    Sean:- So, you got a girlfriend?
    Kyle:- Yea, she's on-off. We're off right now.
    Sean:- Plenty more chicks for a stud like you tho mate.
    Kyle:- Are you coming on to me?
    Sean:- No dude, just flirting, its not gay just to flirt!
    Kyle:- Oh right, cool. I think your cock looks great dude.
    Sean:- Thanks, here, hold it, i'll hold yours.
    Kyle:- Woah, that's heavy, and so thick, and, hey!!!!
    Sean:- What?
    Kyle:- You're trying to jerk me off!
    Sean:- No, dude, i'm just maximising the blood flow so i can see it hardest.
    Kyle:- ....
    Sean:- Relax Kyle, i'm not gay, seriously.
    Kyle:- Ok, i'll let you carry on then.
    Sean:- Perhaps you wanna sit down, help you chill a little?
    Kyle:- Yea good, my legs ache a bit anyway, whereabouts?
    Sean:- Over here.
    Kyle:- The bed? That would'nt be too gay, right?
    Sean:- No, not even if we were fucking on it, it wouldn't be!
    Kyle:- What??? Why would we be fucking on it dude? I'm not gay, or you??
    Sean:- Its not gay if you don't enjoy it, besides, thats how you really get
    to know how my dick feels like, from another perspective.
    Kyle:- And its not gay, at all?
    Sean:- No, as long as you don't enjoy it, trust me.
    Kyle:- Ok, but, you got protection right?
    Sean:- Yep, no worries, here we go, just kneel on all fours and i'll start.
    Kyle:- Ok. Lol, haha, this is gonna be the gayest, ungay thing, ever.
    Sean:- That's it Kyle, you got it, now, 1...2...3...
    Kyle:- Uarghah, wha, wha, aurghhh, aaa, dude, oghhhh, oghhhh, that...
    Sean:- Don't you like it? If you do then you must be gay dude, and if that's the case, i'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
    Kyle:- I don't arghh, oh god, like iiittt ah, it ah hurts.
    Sean:- I'll be a bit more gentle Kyle, at least we know your not gay now.
    Kyle:- Told, ah you, did oh n't i, oh ah, ooh.
    Sean:- So, any better now? I could go slower or faster, softer or harder.
    Kyle:- Harder? No, oh, ah, oh, ok, yea, harder, make it hurt, i'm, oh not gay, aaa, i'm oh, ahhh, oh not gay, not gay, aah
    Sean:- No Kyle, your straight man, just like me, we're just two straight
    guys, feeling each others cocks with our hands and asses.
    Kyle:- Twist my nipples dude, i need the pain, i don't wanna like this!
    Sean:- Shhh, oh yeah, yeah, i'm coming any thrust now, take it, take it.
    Kyle:- I can't take it!! Fuck me, not gay, fuck me, gay, i mean not gay, ur
    Sean:- Fuuuuurrrrkkkk yeeeeeaaaahhhh, ohhhh, yeaaaaa, ohhhh, ooooh...
    Kyle:- You done it?, you finished?
    Sean:- Yes Kyle, i'm finished.
    Kyle:- I feel weird, not right.
    Sean:- I feel a bit sick myself actually, we just, and i'm not, but we, and i..
    Kyle:- But you said its not gay if we don't enjoy it.
    Sean:- Its not, i feel, i feel a bit ashamed still anyway.
    Kyle:- Yea, i do too.
    Sean:- I think you should go now, i'm gonna have a shower.
    Kyle:- Ok, but i can't go like this, i need to clean up too dude.
    Sean:- Fine, you can share my shower, just, keep your distance n that.
    Kyle:- No problem, its not like i'm gay tho dude.

    5 minutes later in the shower

    Kyle:- Are you sure this isn't gay, i mean, i only wanted to feel it, i didn't wanna taste it.
    Sean:- How many times, your not gay if you don't enjoy it.
    Kyle:- Buk, arnk yo ingjoyung ik?
    Sean:- Stop talking and suck Kyle, i'm not gay, i told you. I'm just very very happy!
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    Ok, I think I got it... They are "100% straight" :tongue:
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    Oh, was i not subtle? :confused::confused::confused::biggrin1:
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    I think its probably best not to quit my dayjob. I thought i would have gotten some laughs off of you. Do you realise that my brain capacity only allows me to be creative once a decade?
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