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Searching For Slave




Im looking for a new DEDICATED slave. Someone that lets me fuck up his mind, make all of his important (and not important) decisions, and also can spend like an hour a day or so working for me with different tasks. You have to be serious, not playing around and really want someone to swear you allegiance to.

I plan on making this so that you can keep most of your normal life, just with me behind the wheel. If you have a BF that's fine. He will never know, but I will own you and you will have to subject him to me as well, behind his back. I will be discreet, but demand to RULE you and I will rule and dictate how you act in every relationship you have and treasure.

I have other slaves, some online but two IRL but this time I want to be your superior in EVERY way. I search for a deeper and more hardcore life changing connection.

If you are up for this, please contact me. You will be rewarded but all kinds of mind fuck and physical rape whenever we manage to meet.