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Seducing the Big Dicked Supply Teacher


Jun 14, 2021
United Kingdom
90% Gay, 10% Straight
Summers Evening
Sam walked home after the session that afternoon, even a little more excited than usual, he had Kyle’s address, he gazed at it as he walked. A quick google search showed him it was just 5-minute walk.
He got home and headed straight to his room.

“Good day Sam?” his mum called from the kitchen.

“Yeah, great, I always like music on a Monday”

“Great, food will be ready in half an hour, why don’t you shower now.” His mum shouted back.

Sam thought that was a great idea, he stripped off quickly, once again freeing his dick, he wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for the shower.

Letting the water caress his still horny body he began to massage the shower gel into his skin.

His dick, as always sprung to life, but he decided to let it be this time, there would be plenty of time to jerk off unhurried later.

As he stood there, he had a great idea, Kyle had told him to come round any time. Why did he have to wait until Tuesday? The key was under the mat, his arse was desperate to take Kyle’s dick again. I’ll head over after supper, thought Sam. He smiled and finished his shower.

“I’m popping to visit a friend after tea, mum, is that ok?”

“Of course, just let me know if you're staying over so I don’t worry.”

Sam regularly stayed over at Neil or Jack’s, not that his mum guessed what they were doing.

It was still hot outside even in the early evening. So, tucking a t-shirt in the waist band of his board shorts, he checked himself once more in the mirror, his hair was perfect, his body looked pretty toned as well. That must be all the vigorous sex he thought. And even his choice of shorts accentuated his arse and dick bulge.

Irresistible, he said to himself as he grabbed his bike and headed round to Kyles address.
Kyle drifted through the rest of the day on some sort of sexual high. He cleaned the classrooms and did all that he needed to before heading home around 5.30pm.

He got in, closed the door behind him striped off his sweaty clothes and went to get a drink. Standing naked in the kitchen he looked at his small garden and remembered how great it was at Rhys and matts to be outside naked. He looked up at the neighbour's house. There was no way they wouldn’t see him naked in the garden. Although actually I think they’re on holiday this week.

He suddenly wanted to find out. He dragged his sweaty work trousers back on over his naked body and his work shirt too, he left that unbuttoned as he went to the neighbours door and rang the bell. Expecting no answer, he was surprised as the door opened and he was greeted by a very cute young man. “Hi” he said to Kyle in a friendly manner.

“Hi, I was expecting, Andy and Carol”

“They’re my parents” said the man in the doorway, who Kyle had instantly checked out.

He must have been early 20’s. He had a cute face, neatly trimmed beard, excellent looking body under a tight shirt and shorts. His legs were hairy, and very hot. He was barefoot, and even his feet were kind of hot and Kyle didn’t really like feet.

“I’m staying here for a week while they’re on holiday, I’ve been away at university for a while.” He then offered his hand and introduced himself. “I’m Liam.”

“Very nice to meet you Liam”, replied Kyle, desperately trying to decide if Liam was cute enough to flirt with without knowing if he was gay. Was he going to make a fool of himself. He went for it.

“I’m Kyle you parent’s neighbour, and I was just checking to see if anyone was in. You see your parent’s house is the only one that overlooks my garden and in this weather I wanted to do a bit of sunbathing. But if no one was in I’d work on my all over tan. But as you’re here I’ll keep covered”.

Liam smiled back at him, “there’s no need to worry about me, you just go ahead”

“That’s great, said Kyle, “hopefully I’ll see you around, if you need anything just head round, or if you want to sunbathe too, there’s normally a key under the mat, so just let yourself in come through.”

“Thanks, I might just do that”, said Liam flashing Kyle a killer smile.

Kyle turned and walked off, he desperately wanted to turn to see if Liam was checking out his arse, but carried on walking to his door. As he reached the door he glanced back and was just in time to see the door close. He had watched him walk away. Kyle wasted no time stripping off again and heading into the garden.

The evening sun was towards the end of the garden and placing a lounger facing the houses he popped on some sun lotion and sunglasses and lay back letting all his body feel the warm evening rays.

He had to admit it did feel really good sunbathing nude, Matt and Rhys had been right.

With his glasses on he knew no one could see his eyes and he scanned the neighbours windows to see if Liam was sneaking a view. Then the bathroom window opened wide. And through the normally frosted glass Kyle could clearly see Liam’s torso in the shower. And he was not disappointed.

His pecs were slabs of meat and a perfect 6-pack were enough to make the already horny Kyle a little obviously turned on. He lifted his leg to hide his erection from Liam in case he looked out the window.

Kyle was transfixed watching the hot stud lather himself up with soap. Surely Liam had done it intentionally, knowing Kyle was outside or was Kyle just wishing and Liam was just letting the steam out the window?

Whatever the reason Kyle was enjoying watching Liam shower. With his leg drawn up to hide his dick Kyle started to rub his now solid cock as he watched. Liam finished his shower and drew the window closed.

Maybe it was just for the shower, thought Kyle sadly. But he still had that image in his head and closing his eyes he idly jerked his dick.
Sam arrived outside Kyle’s house, he lifted the mat and found his key. He unlocked the door and pushed the key back under the mat. Gently turning the door handle it opened and nervously Sam said “hello?!”

There was no reply, but Sam could see Kyle’s work clothes he had had on earlier, strewn across the floor. It was a little strange to walk around another guys house without him knowing he was there, but it was also hot knowing he may come across a semi-nude Kyle at any moment.

He went into the kitchen and was amazed at what he saw through the window. Kyle was lying on a sun bed, one knee raised up jerking off his huge cock. His eyes fixed on the gorgeous caretaker he unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them to the floor, stepping out of them and his flip flops he stood in the man’s kitchen naked.

He tiptoed out the door and walked across the cool grass to where Kyle was jerking off. He reached Kyle and he stepped between Kyle and the sun and cast Kyle into shadow.

Kyle opened his eyes and jumped as he saw the silhouette of a man in front of him. Unable to make out who it was with the sun behind them, he covered his dick as best he could.

“I’ve seen that before”, said Sam “no need to cover it up for me”

Kyle then realised 3 things, he recognised the voice, the guy was naked too, and it was a very sexy silhouette.

You told me to come round whenever, when we were fucking earlier, so I thought I would.

“Sam”, exclaimed Kyle realising finally who it was.

“Yep, looks like you could use a hand” replied Sam. Kyle cast his eyes back over the windows of his neighbours house, no sign of Liam. Before he could answer Sam was on his knees next to him devouring Kyle’s big dick.

Kyle was stuck in the moment of saying no as they were outside and letting Sam’s excellent mouth work over his cock.

However, Sam was so good there was no contest and Kyle just lay back and let Sam do whatever he wanted. Somehow, he managed most of Kyle’s 11 inches down his throat.
Liam glanced out the window at the back of the house once Kyle left. He had watched him walk away and he looked fucking good. But watching him cross the grass naked was even better. His perfect body and big swinging flaccid cock.

As he sat down Liam decided to play with him a little. He went to the bathroom opened the window wide, knowing that the angle would mean that Kyle could see him. He proceeded to spend an inordinately long-time massaging soap into his muscular torso. Knowing Kyle was watching from below, his head was slightly angled towards him as he lay there. And when he raised his knee, there was only one thing that Liam thought. He’s got a boner!

But Liam finished the shower and closed the window, he assumed Kyle would think he didn’t know that he was teasing him. From the back of his bedroom away from the window he stood drying himself watching Kyle without being seen.

Then he saw something he wasn’t expecting, a naked young man walked out over the grass to Kyle. Just making out what they were saying through the window he gathered that he wasn’t expecting him and that they had already had sex that day.

That gave Liam an idea, he was already planning a visit, but now he would go in pretending to be an outraged boyfriend finding Kyle being sucked off by a stranger.

He dressed enough to get to Kyle’s door, unlocked it as Sam had just a few minutes earlier and as Sam had done stripped off in the kitchen before walking out into the garden.

Lost in the moment, Kyle didn’t realise that Liam was no more in his house, but now standing just behind Sam.

Liam put on a deep gruff voice, “what the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend” he barked angrily. “I pop out for 5 minutes and you’ve latched yourself onto his gorgeous cock. Unless this is another prostitute Kyle? Really what’s wrong with my cock that you need to find some slutty teenager to fuck”

Sam was terrified, he jumped off Kyle’s dick covered his own cock and began to apologise before Kyle could intervene.

“Sorry, I didn’t know he had a boyfriend, I thought he was single and wanted some fun.”

Kyle began to laugh as he saw it was Liam. “you bastard, you’ve terrified him”. Sam looked confused.

“What’s happening” he asked nervously.

“This is Liam, he’s my neighbours’ son, we met earlier and I invited him over before I knew you were coming too. He's not my boyfriend.”

Liam offered his hand to Sam and the teenager took it firmly. “Liam” he said, “good to meet you”.

“Sam, I know Kyle from his work”

“Good to meet you, now if you wanted too, you can carry on with what you were doing, Kyle seems to still be interested” Kyle’s dick was indeed still hard.

“It’s a gorgeous package”, said Liam, “body, face and cock”.

“Speaking of cocks,” said Kyle, “you asked what was wrong with yours. Nothing, nothing at all. It's stunning”.

Kyle’s words drew Sam’s gaze down the naked torso of Liam until his eyes widened as his gaze fixed on 7 inches of thick flaccid cock. “Please tell me you’re a top?” asked Sam.

Liam raised an eyebrow, “why do you want my cock when you’ve got that magnificent beast to suck?”

“Let’s just say that in my other hole 2 are better than 1!”

“You’d get fucked by Kyle’s and my dick?” questioned Liam.

“You bet he would”, said Kyle.

“I guess I could oblige then, but be warned it is a thick cock, I've actually had guys complain it was too big and not have sex with me!”

“Well, you’ll be in for a treat”, said Sam, “because I’m yet to find anything I can’t get fucked by”

Liam looked impressed, but Kyle could tell he was a little sceptical about Sam’s claims.

“I think he’ll easily manage you; I’ve seen him take three dicks at the same time.”

“Really”, said Liam, now a little more convinced of Sam’s ability. And the idea of fucking Sam’s arse made the blood begin to flow into his fat dick. Sam and Kyle watched as 7 inches became 10 and was now significantly thicker than Sam’s wrist. The pronounced head, thicker still, now revealed to the elements.

“Can you both fuck me?” Sam almost drooled, seeing Liam’s magnificent cock.

“Who first”, said Liam?

“He means together”, replied Kyle, who’s dick was once again in Sam’s expert mouth.

“Fuck off”, said Liam. “There is no way we could both fuck that tight hole together, most guys can’t even take me on my own”.

“Sam isn’t most guys; he is literally the biggest bottom I have ever met. His appetite for dick is insatiable! Use that precum that I guarantee is dripping from his cock and lube up and see how ready he is to take that cock?”

Squatting down Liam’s monstrous, heavy cock slapped the grass as he reached and milked a stream of precum from Sam’s not small cock. Rubbing it over his own massive cock he pressed against Sam’s ring. Surprisingly, Liam’s dick slipped in.

Sam moaned loudly before Kyle ramming his cock back in his mouth in case anyone heard. Kyle and Liam’s eyes locked and they both smiled.

“He really is going to take both of our dicks, isn’t he?”

“I told you he could, now fuck him well before I add my dick to yours. He’ll just squat down and take them both.”

“Happily”, said Sam, “now fuck me!”

Liam responded by giving Sam a fantastic time. Gripping him firmly around the waist each stroke took all 10 inches of thick, thick cock deep into Sam. Each thrust eliciting a low moan of pleasure from the cock stuffed mouth.

Watching Sam take Liam’s dick made Kyle hornier and hornier until it was too much for him and he had to stop so he could join Liam in Sam’s arse. He wanted to cum inside his arse, not down his throat.

Liam and Kyle lay back on the cool grass and held their cocks together. There was no way either of them could hold around both of their dicks together, but Sam’s arse would grip them perfectly.

The slim muscular frame of the 18 year old was easily lowered on his toned thighs until he could feel Kyle’s head press against his gaping hole. Almost as soon as it swallowed Kyle’s head it was presented with Liam’s monster.

Easily it accommodated it. And soon Kyle and Liam could feel Sam’s stretched ring descend over their hard cocks.

Once Sam had taken all their dicks he began to fuck himself with them as if he was riding his dildo on the bathroom floor.

But this was two hot young guys fucking him and his dick was good to explode.

“I’m gonna cum”, said Sam.

“Go on then, no one will see, and the grass won’t mind” said Kyle watching Sam’s dick.

Sam felt the orgasm rise from his teen balls, a standard big load pumped out streaking over the nicely kempt lawn. Sam milked the last few drops out and returned to using Liam and Kyle’s cocks.

“Sorry to stop you, but I’m going to cum” said Liam.

“Me too,” added Kyle. “together in his arse?” asked Kyle.

“Definitely, after 3, if you’re ready.

“After 3, 1, 2, 3”, said Sam and on that Liam and Kyle erupted and Sam felt his insides flood with man juice.

Sam continued to fuck himself until Liam had to stop him as it was feeling too intense.

Sam stepped off the two studs and out gushed two massive loads of cum over both Liam and Kyle’s dicks.

“Fuck, that was intense” Said Liam.

“Told you he was good”, said Kyle reaching out to Sam to bring him down to their level.

“Thank you, both of you, that was amazing, I’ve never felt so stretched and so horny getting fucked.

The three of them lay there on the grass enjoying the moment until Liam asked what the time was.

“About 8 I guess”, said Kyle

“Shit I have to be somewhere for 8, and I need to clean up. Can I use your shower?”

“Of course, just top of the stairs. Sadly it’s too small for more than 1”

“Maybe another time”, said Liam. “I’ll see you both around”. He dashed off grabbing his clothes as he went. Kyle and Sam heard the water start and Kyle asked what time Sam needed to be home?

“I’ll can call mum and tell her I’m staying over a friend’s house if you like? I don’t have any lessons until Wednesday afternoon” He said reaching out to Kyle’s softening cock and jerking it back to life.

Kyle smiled.

“I can be your play thing until then. No clothes, no interruptions. Whenever you want to fuck, my hole is yours. We could even see if Liam was free tomorrow.”

“Sounds perfect” said Kyle. “But I have work tomorrow, 8-midday.”

“I can wait for four hours, unless you have any dildos or butt plugs then I can easily take care of my own entertainment!”

“Ok then” agreed Kyle, the fact that the idea had made his dick as hard as ever may have persuaded him. “But for now when Liam has gone I have something I want you to so for me”.

“Ooh, sounds intriguing”, said Sam.


Jun 14, 2021
United Kingdom
90% Gay, 10% Straight
Plunging his hand down the front of Liam’s jeans, groping his fat cock for one final time, Sam kissed Liam goodbye and thanked him for his wonderful fuck.

“Any time,” said Liam. “Give me your phone”.

Sam handed him his phone unlocked and dropping his jeans and briefs took a dick pic, entered his number and saved it as the icon.

“Text me when you need to be filed again, but for now enjoy your evening with this stud”. He slapped Kyle on the back embraced him, kissed him and left the two of them together in the kitchen.

“So, stud” said Sam grinning. “What’s the plan for the evening?”

“Well, it’s 8pm now, I need to be in work for 7, so with 7 hours sleep and getting to work. I reckon we’ve got 3 hours until we need to be in bed.”

“Sounds about right”, said Sam, intrigued”

“Well,” continued Kyle a little shyly.

He wasn’t quite sur why he was so embarrassed about asking Sam for what he was about too, but it must have been to do with his alpha male status.

Kyle was a manly man, and preferred to top rather than bottom. He had a massive dick that was worshipped by any guy who saw it. But he was about to ask a pretty skinny, yet toned teenager to be in control of him.

To submit to Sam for the evening was not what Kyle normally did. He had been fucked by the boys at school, but that was all part of the plan. This was choosing to allow Sam to be dominant.

If truth be told he was getting horny just thinking about it, so he just blurted it out.

“I want you to play with me. For 4 hours, make me so, so horny, that everything feels amazing on my dick.”

“Sounds easy enough” smiled Sam looking down at Kyle’s hard 11 inches. “You want to be my sex slave all night?!”

“Well, yes, but I don’t want to cum until the very end. I want to be edged within an inch of my sanity. If I beg you to let me cum the answer has to be no. Understand”

“Definitely”, replied Sam eager to begin. “Got any toys? Mr McLaughlin has plenty he brings to class.”

“I’m pleased to see you’re keen to help”, said Kyle. “Let’s go upstairs, there’s a special box in my bedroom!”

Sam smiled again. “Well in that case you better take me upstairs, you can’t have a slave and have to walk to the bedroom, can you?”

“No”, said Kyle.

“No, What?” added Sam, already getting into this role.

“No Sir!” said Kyle getting more turned on by this than he’d hoped.

An even bigger smile crossed Sam’s face as Kyle lifted him up in his strong arms, Sam’s dick in his face and carried him upstairs.”

Once in the bedroom Sam commanded Kyle to bring him the box and then get on the bed.

Sam tipped the contents of the large box out on the floor and surveyed the tools at his disposal.

There were various dildos, butt plugs, ropes, blindfolds, gags, leather harnesses. “You are really into this then?” asked Sam.

“Not really”, said Kyle, “I just like to try things out on me, but with you here I can let you take control.”

Sam began by putting a studded leather harness that fitted Kyle perfectly. It clung to the contours of Kyle’s perfect physique and down the front dangled a cock ring ready to trap Kyle’s dick tightly.

Sam clamped Kyles semi hard cock and balls in the tight metal ring and then pushed Kyle back onto the bed cuffing his wrists to the bed posts.

Kyle’s strong muscular arms straining against the cuffs as Sam gripped his now firm cock. “So this is my target for the evening, is it?”

“Yes sir,” said Kyle, pleased Sam was enjoying himself.

Sam pulled Kyle’s hard dick back down between his legs and letting it go it slapped hard against Kyle’s washboard stomach. Kyle twitched at the sensation and Sam knew he liked it.

Leaving his beautiful cock alone for a while and straddled his hunk of a slave and began to work on his torso. Nipples, pits, abs, Sam played expertly with them all, clearly turning Kyle on as a dribble of precum leaked from his engorged head.

Once again Sam pulled Kyle’s now harder dick back and it slapped down in the splash of precum. A slight moan left Kyle’s lips as his head became more sensitive with every passing moment.

Focussing on Kyle’s groin, Sam gently stroked the sensitive inner thighs of the sex god in front of him. He could see Kyle’s dick twitch as the light dusting of blond hairs were caressed by his hand.

“Fuck that feels good,” said Kyle. As he tensed his body from the pleasure.

Sam smiled and continued to play with Kyle’s groin, his fingers moving down and reaching Kyle’s tight hole.

Sam hesitated as Kyle was eager for him to do more. Don’t stop now, said Kyle.

Sam slapped Kyle’s dick. “don’t tell me what to do, I’ll do whatever I like to you.”

He grabbed 2 more pairs of hand cuffs and this time cuffed Kyle’s ankles to the same bed posts. Kyle’s tight pink hole was now pully on display with Kyle’s dick almost reaching his own mouth.

Sam plunged his face into the hole, his young tongue toying with the man’s hole. Kyle was moaning, Sam was good, he may have been a power bottom, but he was an attentive lover and knew how to get guys worked up.

Then with the target acquired Sam chose his next weapon. A thick 5 inch dildo was his choice to begin with and squeezing some of Kyle’s precum onto the tip he pressed it into Kyle’s hole.

Moving it around Sam found the point he wanted and began the first wave of pleasure that Kyle’s prostate would give him.

Sam knew when to stop before Kyle orgasmed and left Kyle’s hole empty as the orgasm subsided.

“Something bigger next”, said Sam. “My cock I think” and without warned once again Kyle found the teenager’s 8.5 inch dick up his loosened arse. As he rode Kyle’s hole he grabbed Kyles dick with both hands and wanked it in time with his fucking.

Kyle moaned, “oh fuck that feels so good, I need to cum”.

With that confession Sam, withdrew his dick, let go of Kyle’s dick and slapped Kyle’s beautiful arse. “don’t you dare cum!”

“Sorry sir,” said a contrite Kyle, by now precum was dripping from his dick and pooling between his perfect pecs.

“Are you over that orgasm?” asked Sam.

“Yes sir,” said Kyle.

“In that case I will cum in that arse of yours before I ride that big dick of yours.”

And with that Sam plunged all 8.5 inches back into Kyles loose hole and fucked him hard until he spent another load inside him.

Leaving Kyle’s arse in the air so no cum could leak out Sam found a big butt plug which Kyle’s hungry arse swallowed easily. Sam unlocked the cuffs on Kyle’s ankles and once again he was flat on the bed, his hard dick throbbing, being held vertical by the harness and cock ring he was still wearing.

After the stretching Sam’s arse had taken earlier, it was no problem to squat down on Kyles 11-inch dick and let it all disappear inside. In fact, in Kyle’s heightened sense of pleasure it was more of a difficulty for him.

“Fuck, stop, stop” screamed Kyle in a desperate cry to save his orgasm.

Sam stood up and Kyle’s dick remained held in place.

“Tell me when you’re ready” commanded Sam.

Kyle’s breathing steadied and he felt the orgasm subside for the second time. His dick was still sensitive and it felt amazing when he told Sam he was ready and he descended once more and all of Kyles shaft was swallowed by Sam’s hole.

For the next half an hour Sam repeated this. His ass bringing Kyle nearly to the point of orgasm and then stopping. Until the final time when it was Sam who spent another load. He loved having dick in his arse and he just came over Kyle’s body.

Laying on the bed next to Kyle, Sam watched as Kyle’s dick pulsated in time with his heart pumping blood. “Fuck, you are so hot” he declared as he gripped Kyle’s dick and brought him to near release again.

“Thank you” panted Kyle, his body tense with pleasure.

“Thank you, what” said Sam, slapping Kyles flared head.

“Sir” replied Kyle.

“In fact, I don’t want to hear you, suck my cock.”

And with that Sam straddled the cuffed Kyle’s fantastic body and fed him his fat dick.

He’d already cum twice in the past 2 hours, but the next 20 minutes was enough to make it 3. Kyle, so turned on, so horny, was desperate for cock, and eagerly took all of Sam’s teen manhood.

This load is for your face, said Sam as yet another sticky load pumped free of his balls.

Sam smeared his cum into Kyle’s face with the fat head of his dick, Kyle eagerly sucked what cum he could and swallowed it. Even doing that turned him on and his cock throbbed, aching for release.

Sam uncuffed Kyle, stood him up and cuffed his hands behind his back so he couldn’t reach his dick. All 11 inches stood out in front of him, as hard as a steel rod.

“Some old-fashioned edging now I think Kyle”, he said. He dribbled lube onto the thick shaft and began a 30 minutes session of edging.

Each time kyle was near he would have to stop Sam until the sensation had died down a little. Kyles balls ached with the need to release, but however many time he begged Sam to let him cum, Sam’s answer was always no.

Sam never planned to edge Kyle for so long, but each time he begged for release he deliberately carried on. Watching the power that he had over the beautiful Kyle and his dick was intoxicating for the young 18-year old student.

Watching Kyle’s massive manhood throb after each edge just made him want to go longer and longer. But with about 20 minutes left of the three hours. Sam released his dick completely.

Kyle begged him to carry on, but Sam had other ideas.

“Spread those legs and bend over” commanded Sam. Kyle did and Sam once again pressed his dick into Kyle’s used hole. Lost in the moment he fucked Kyle with long smooth strokes. Each one delivering all 8 and a half inches deep into Kyle’s hole.

No longer focussing on Kyle’s pleasure Sam gave Kyle one more load of his teenage spunk, only returning to Kyle’s dick once his juices were leaking down Kyle’s thighs.

“That felt so good”, said Kyle, enjoying being dominated by the younger man.

“Glad you enjoyed it”, said Sam. “Now to make you cum”.

“Please do”, said Kyle.

“Before I do, how much do you want it?” Sam gently caressed Kyle’s throbbing cock and aching balls.

“I need to cum so badly,” said Kyle. “My balls ache, I need to feel the ecstasy of the release of all that cum I’ve had to keep inside.”

“Back on the bed then”, Sam roughly pushed Kyle back onto the bed and re-cuffed his hands and ankles to the bed posts. Kyle’s dick still pointing straight up as he lay there unable to move.

A smirk crossed Sam’s face that Kyle noticed. “How much of the 5 hours have we got left?” he asked.

“10 minutes,” said Kyle glancing to the clock on the bedside table.

“Are you ready for this then? I’m going to jerk you off for as much of the 10 minutes as you can take.”

“But ‘I’ll cum in about 20 seconds” said Kyle, knowing how horny he was and how sensitive his dick was.

“It should feel good then” said Sam, knowing full well that as soon as he cums he can only jerk his dick for another 30 seconds at most before it becomes too sensitive.

Sam grasped Kyle’s dick, Kyle focussed knowing he needed to keep his orgasm in for as long as he could now.

Sam was impressed as it took 2 minutes to get Kyle’s monster cock firing. When it erupted Sam was left eyes wide in awe. 13 waves of cum, and they were enormous waves, flooded out of the thick cock.

Kyle’s body tensed and convulsed in pleasure as Sam’s strong teenage hand milked every last drop out of his cock.

A long drawn out “fuck” was all Kyle managed as his hours of edging had their release. But he was then subjected to the most intense feeling of the last few days.

Sam’s grip loosened and using Kyle’s cum as lube he gently massaged the throbbing shaft. Kyle’s breathing shallowed as the pleasure rose, above and beyond the levels of orgasm to somewhere Kyle had never been before. He tried to fight it but screamed in pleasure for Sam to stop.

“1 minute, 30 seconds” said Sam. “Thats more than I manage”.

As the pleasure subsided Kyle regained his composure. “Wow” was the simple response at first.

“Wow” that was amazing. He looked down at his body. Copious amounts of cum, from him and Sam layered his smooth muscular frame.

“Time for a shower” asked Sam, grinning as widely as he could.

“I really enjoyed that he said moving up and kissing Kyle. He could still taste his cum on Kyle’s lips.

“Definitely, and a change of bedsheets too”, laughed Kyle.

Kyle’s dick hadn’t yet begun to go down, it was still in the tight cock ring being held aloft. And as Sam undid his cuffs and harness it slapped down in the pool of cum with an audible splash.

Sam grabbed a towel and began to clean Kyle a little before they walked to the shower to save making too much mess. Kyle stood and Sam grabbed his dick and led him to the shower, where he began to wash off the white sticky seed.

“Are you still hard” asked Kyle?

Sam looked down “maybe”, he replied.

“Reckon you can got one more load out of that cock before bed?”

“Without a doubt”, said an eager Sam. Kyle leant forward exposing his used hole to Sam. And taking the hint Sam slipped his dick into the warm insides of Kyle.

Another great fuck later, Sam was cumming again. His 5th of the evening since they started. “Now I'm finished” he smiled at Kyle as more cum dribble out.

“Me too”, said Kyle smiling. Bed time now I think. They changed the sheets and climbed into Kyle’s bed. Kyle spooned Sam, who could feel Kyle’s soft cock on his back.

“Thank you” whispered Kyle into Sam’s ear before the pair of them drifted off to sleep.