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Seek Bromance



Chapter 1
The First One

There was an anxious stirring in the air, the giddy calm before the tempestuous storm of debauchery that was due to strike their sunny suburb. Two pair of socked feet raced back and forth across the glossy maple wood floor with the gracefulness of stampeding elephants. The more cacophonous of the two was Michael, who struggled to heave a chilled keg across the living room without letting it scrape hardwood. His every step sounded like a distant boom. Not far behind, Ryan was busy purging the shelves and mantles of anything remotely fragile. It would be his head on a stake if any of his mother's expensive artwork were destroyed. Everything would be safer tucked away in a locked closet.

On the porch, Michael carefully lowered the barrel of beer to the ground and wiped the sweat from his glistening forehead. The cool sea breeze was both refreshing and rejuvenating. As he stared off into the sunset, an all too familiar grip clasped his shoulder from behind. Ryan, the shorter, bleach blonde one was practically jumping with excitement. "Dude, this is gonna be the best summer ever! I can't believe we have the house for a whole month."

"Yeah, I know! Everyone is going to be here tonight. And we have enough booze to last all week." Said Michael. His warm green gaze met Ryan's piercing blue one with almost identical looks of elation. Partners in crime since the third grade, the pair were notorious for wreaking unadulterated havoc by way of mischievous pranks and elaborate parties. For the graduating class of St. Mary's High School, there was no better way to kick off their post-college summer than with one of Mike and Ryan's infamous weekend ragers.

"I can't wait for the girls to get here. Nicole said she had something that was going to take this party to the next level." said Ryan.

"What was it? Wait, let me guess. She wouldn't tell you."

"I hate surprises!"

"You love surprises." Michael responded with a sly grin and ruffled Ryan's fluffy mop of effervescently blonde hair. "Lets get some music going while we wait." Pulling out his iPhone, he scrolled through their party play list until he came across one of his favorite Avicii songs, Seek Bromance. "Seems appropriate." he added with a grin. While the upbeat house music pumped through the outdoor speakers, Ryan poured them both a shot of Belvedere. "Here's to a summer we can never tell our grandkids about." Their glasses klinked and the silky liquid raced down their throats.

Almost on cue, the doorbell rang. Ryan pushed past Michael as both raced to the front door. Standing there to greet them in the doorway was a petite, caramel skinned girl with hazel eyes and pressed brown hair.

"NICOLE!" The boys cheered in unison as they swept her up in a mutual embrace.

"Are you guys ready for the biggest party Bayside has ever seen?"

"Fuck yeah! Where's my surprise?" Ryan hounded.

"You'll see. Later." Nicole teased, flashing a teasing wink to Michael. They knew how much the suspense was killing him. It was only a matter of time before he was on his knees pleading. Their gaze lingered, perhaps a little longer than it should have, though Ryan was too distraught to notice.

"Why do you do this to me? Why?!"


Chapter 2
Where's Molly

As the sun dropped further into the glistening horizon, their party continued to grow. The football team was the first to arrive, and with a harem of pretty women in tow. Fresh off of their recent state championship, it seemed like they were in a perpetual state of celebration. Wherever they went, half of Bayside was sure to follow. Neither Michael nor Ryan played football, though it was hard to tell by the way they interacted with the players.

"Tommy, let me see that catch again. The one that had half the crowd soaking through the bleachers." Ryan said with an affirmative ass slap. Without missing a beat, the wide receiver bolted through the back door looking over his shoulder as he reenacted his all too pretty completion. The rowdy party whistled and cheered, they too reliving the glorious moment. As Tommy slowed to a stop nearing the edge of the pool, his catch was interrupted by a forceful shove from Michael. "Pool's open!"

Somewhere nearby, a bottle of champagne popped open and bikini clad girls raced towards the colorfully illuminated infinity pool that overlooked the beach. "Nice one!" said Ryan, racing towards his best friend.

"Too easy. Plus, someone had to jump in first. Now, are we going to let Tommy get all the attention from these lovely ladies in the pool?" He looked over at a pair of girls that were looking in their direction and whispering to one another.

"Not a chance."

Both stripped off their tanks and peeled off their damp socks before following suit into the warm water. The couple of brunettes swam over, trying to climb on the boys' wide shoulders. "Kelly told me she and Michael could beat you in a water fight. Isn't that ridiculous Ryan?"

"What?!" Ryan shouted excitedly. Ducking under the water, he reemerged from between the girl's legs and hoisted her up above the water. "Jenny, let's take 'em." Kelly mounted Michael's shoulders, and their wobbly water fight raged on. Naturally, their bout ended in a draw with both teams falling under water. They came back up with their lips locked.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," Nicole called out from the poolside. "but I think its time to bust out the party favors." She dangled a small baggy of white powder just out of their reach, and it was all it took to draw the boys from their respective hookups.

"Is that...?" Michael began, hoisting himself out of the pool.

"MOLLY!" Ryan finished, hurrying past Michael to pry bag from Nicole's fingers. As he neared, she closed her fist tight and clutched it to her chest.

"There's a lot more where this came from."

"How much?" asked Michael.

"Enough for everyone at this party to roll balls."

Within an hour, most of their class had arrived. Everyone received their dose of MDMA at the door, and the euphoria was shared and abundant. Every couch was filled with a pair of writhing bodies, enraptured by their heightened senses and insatiable lust. Electro beats pulsed through the still warm air, generating spontaneous outbursts of dance.

"Wooooooo!" Ryan cheered, racing flat footed with an armful of red plastic cups filled to the brim with booze towards the crowded hot tub. He squeezed in between Nicole and Michael, elating at the touch of his two best friends on the planet. He offered them each a drink and wrapped his arms around their shoulders.They both, half jokingly, laid their heads on his smooth chest and sipped the pungent jungle juice.

"I love you guys. So much." Michael purred, almost sedated by overwhelming sensation.

Nicole blew Michael a kiss from across Ryan's chest, at the same time gently prodding the blonde boy's nipple with her finger tips. Like a dog with his belly rubbed, Ryan could only close his eyes and smile. He wanted that moment to last forever. He wanted them to never leave his side.

Author's note: I plan on fully developing these characters and their storyline. I know I'm taking a while to get to the naked parts but your patience will be rewarded.
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Sep 5, 2006
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so far it sounds like its going to be a great story


Chapter 3
Let the Good Times Roll

The scene was beautiful chaos. Barely clothed bodies, as lean as tight as they would ever be, swarmed the lavish beach house. There was no hostility, even between peers that could never quite see eye to eye. As the patio neared its maximum occupancy, the party spread to the neighboring beach. Some even found their way onto the rooftop, enthralled by the expansive frivolity below.

Too much time in the hot tub would have been dangerous, and despite Ryan's protests, the trio migrated to the gentle sloping rooftop above his parent's balcony to cool off. Though there was no lack of space up there, they were nearly as close to one another as they had been in the crowded hot tub. They were content to share in their communal warmth, cuddled together on a large beach towel. For a while, they sat in silence. Naturally, it was Ryan that broke it.

"I can't believe you are actually considering going back East for school."

"Do we really have to talk about this now? Let's just enjoy the party." Nichole jumped in, placing a tender peck on Ryan's cheek. She knew, like Michael knew, that the subject was a hot button and none of them were in a state to handle the emotional outpour.

"Yeah, we can talk about that later." Michael leaned in, playfully imitating Nichole's kiss.

"Stop." Ryan giggled, shielding his cheek with his shoulder. "Fine. I won't bring it up again. Group hug?" The two on his outside coalesced around him, all three squeezing into a tight embrace. At once, all of his negative thoughts melted as he savored the warmth of their touch against his. But much to the boys' dismay, it was cut short as something caught Nichole's attention below.

"Oh no. Is that Dominique?" She pulled away, her concern apparent in her face. "What is she doing with him? He's going to ruin everything."

"Let her have her fun." Michael chimed in, attempting to pull her back into their ecstasy fueled cuddle. But she wasn't having it.

"You don't understand. She's about to hook up with Trevor Atkins. Darin hates Trevor and he's never going to take her back if he finds out. Ugghhh." She groaned, reluctantly pushing herself to her feet. "I'll...find you guys later." Nichole hurried off to save her friend from herself, leaving Michael and Ryan alone on the roof."

"Girls." Ryan snorted. "I'll never understand them."

"Speaking of girls." Michael trailed off, pointing down to a beautiful busty blonde below who apparently had her eye on them. She peered up seductively at them, sipping shallowly from her cup. There was no mistaking the lust in her eyes.

"That's Katy Hillman. Didn't she just break up with-"

"Justin? Yeah. You know how long I've wanted to fuck her?"

"Almost as long as I have. Easily the hottest girl in our grade. Which one of us do you think she's looking at?"

"Only one way to find out." Michael said, hopping to his feet. Ryan was right behind them, hurrying to get down from the roof and talk to their seductive admirer.

As they made their way down to the patio, it was Katy that went over to meet them. Her eyes were even more green than Michael's, almost impossible to look away from. Almost impossible because with her white bathing suit now see through, it was a different pair that the boys had their eyes on.

"Michael! Ryan!" She purred, kissing both on the corners of their lips. "I'm having the best time! You guys have really outdone yourselves this time."

"Glad to see you here." Said Michael.

"Yeah. Sorry to hear about you and Justin" Ryan added, not bothering to feign sincerity.

"Don't be. Everyone breaks up before college, don't they? Besides, now I don't have to feel bad about cheating on him while he's in Cancun."

The boys both grinned, still unsure of which one of them she was more excited to see. Then again, neither of them really cared.

"That's a good way to look at it. Did you come with anyone tonight?" Michael persisted.

"No, I was in LA all day. I had to drive myself. Is it okay if I stay here tonight?"

"Of course." They both said in unison. That made her giggle, and the lust in her eyes intensified.

"You guys really do everything together, don't you."

At once, it occurred to them what she was getting at. Or at least, what they hoped she was getting at. They both shot each other excited looks out of the corner of their eyes.

"You can say that." Ryan added.

"Come on." She took each of their hands and lead them to a vacant corner of the pool. By that point, there were mostly couples hooking up around them with the exception of a few football players that had one too many drinks and were content to splash around by themselves.

"So tell me. How is it that nobody around here can have any real fun unless you two are at the center of it?" She ran her fingertips teasingly down their abs, well aware of their heightened sensation. Her touch was electrifying, and more to the point, arousing. Ryan pressed his palm against her hand, keeping her from drawing away.

"I think it's because we're always on the same page."

"Kind of like one person with two minds. You know how the expression goes." Added Michael, also placing his hand on hers.

"Oh? But there's only one of me."

"That's double the coverage." Said Ryan, moving in to kiss the left side of her neck while Michael moved in on her right. She let out a soft moan, rubbing her hands up and down their stomachs, descending deeper with each stroke. Her soft hands slowly slipped past their waistbands, and her fingers wrapped around their semi-swollen cocks. It was their turn to moan, suddenly overcome with sensation and even deeper desire. For what felt like an eternity to them, they carried on lost in the moment. They never even bothered to see if anyone was watching. What did they care? The hottest girl in school was jerking them off in the pool. Nobody else mattered.

"Why don't you show me your room?"


Chapter 4
Bang Bang

With their pupils dilated and movement divertingly impaired by their cross inebriation, the world around them became a shaky, jovial swath of color and sound. It was almost dreamlike, and given their blue agenda, it certainly would have been a wet one. Those less intoxicated then themselves couldn't help but notice what was bound to be the most scandalous event of the night. Three of the most sought after individuals in the school were walking hand in hand, barely concealing their half torqued manhoods behind their wet trunks.

When they got to Ryan's room, the reality of the situation suddenly struck them. The desire never faded, but their slowed pace betrayed their hesitation. Katy crept over to the bed, a large and pillowy king, and wasted no time unhooking the top of her bathing suit. As she climbed on top of the sheets, Ryan's heart pounded heavily in his chest, every beat dampening the sounds from outside in his ears. He looked up at Michael, whose gaze was affixed unblinkingly upon the topless girl. Something about the situation seemed, so wrong, and yet so right. He knew, like Michael knew, that he didn't possess the willpower to resist. Sensing Ryan's gaze out of the corner of his eye, Michael cracked a devious smile and laid his hand gently though firmly on his friend's back. It was all the push he needed to get the ball rolling.

They both unfastened their swim trunks and let them hit the floor with a plop. There was no turning back now, and no telling how far it would go. They each ascended upon Katy from either side, slowly crawling towards her like lions to a tantalizing kill. With a deep breath, Ryan moved in to kiss Katy's lips though it was Michael this time that wanted to slow things down.

"Wait." He opened his hand, revealing a small bag of white powder. "If we're going to do it, we should do this right." He poured out two even lines of molly on Katy's stomach, just below the navel. Ryan and Michael exchanged devious, excited glances and moved in to lick up the lines in unison. Katy writhed with pleasure, tantalized by sensation. Her hands moved of their own volition, grabbing both of the boys by their hair with an unrelenting grip. While Michael moved up, Ryan went down. He bit down on the bottom half of her bikini, slowly dragging it down her legs.

Michael's tongue traced circles around her puffy pink nipple, forcing a soft moan from her lips. With the last of her clothing discarded, Ryan began working his way back up. Pressing his lips to her thigh, each kiss became more passionate and rapacious than the last until he was at her neck. The girl began to squirm, writhing seductively in the sheets as the warmth from their bodies sent waves of pleasure across hers. She expected them to jump right into it, but instead, they were teasing her.

This time, it was Michael that moved down her stomach. The moment his tongue hit her warm, moist clit, shivers ran down her body. She made no effort to conceal her screams of pleasure, using her hand to force his face deeper into her crotch. It wasn't an orgasm, more of a continuous state of heightening pleasure and arousal with no end in site. It wasn't until her back arched high off the bed that he relented, deviously beaming at the alluring woman.

Ryan began to flip her over, readying her for what he envisioned to be an eiffel tower. However, Katy had something else on her mind. She pushed both them both against the head board until they were seated up right one beside the other. Her dainty fingers grasped both of their cocks and stroked, slowly at first, building up to a steady pace. She wrapped her mouth around Ryan's thick tip, letting saliva drip down the veiny shaft. Without the slightest hint of gagging, she slid his cock all the way down her throat, sending his blue eyes rolling to the back of his head. All the while, she vigorously stroked Michael's tan member. He could barely keep his eyes open himself, virtually tortured with pleasure. As she lifted her head up, a string of saliva extending from her tongue to Ryan's blushing head, her lips curled into a devious smile.

This time, it was Michael that received the oral treatment. Unlike Ryan, he was uncircumcised, giving her a bit more to play with. Using her tongue, she slid his loose foreskin up and down just below the tip. He bit down on his lip, his breathing heavy and forced. Ryan clasped his shoulder, bracing them both for the overwhelming sensation. Katy slid his dick to back of her throat, burying her face in his curly brown pubes while stroking Ryan's veiny pink cock with her free hand. When she came up for air, both boys were fully erect and lightly dripping precum.

"Stretch me out," she purred, licking her lips gently. "both of you."

Her command was clear. Without a moment's hesitation, Michael grabbed her by her waist and lifted her onto his long cock with her front facing away from him. Ryan all but gulped, carefully placing himself in front of them. She wanted both of them, and in the same hole no less. It was almost too hot for him to handle. As Michael slid inside of her, Ryan forced a gap with the tip of his cock and slowly slid it in. All three of them grunted with delight at the abundant sensation. Once they were both all the way inside, they began to thrust.

Their cocks were smashed against one another, constricted by her tight wet hole. Their loose balls clapped lightly against one another, dripping in her juices. Katy's breasts pressed against Ryan's square pecs. They were a single ball of warmth, of sensation, of pleasure.

"Uhhhh....fuck!" Katy shrieked. She draped her arms around Michael's neck behind her, biting down on her soft pink lips. Ryan and Michael moaned together, their cock's pleasuring each other as much as Katy's stretched slot. Neither knew when they would bust, each stroke seemingly pushing them closer to the edge though there was no end in site. The MDMA kept them going, and time ceased to matter.

Eventually, they found a rhythm. When one thrusted in, the other pulled back. Ryan could feel Michael's pre cum rolling down his own shaft, and the thought alone made him quiver. With their hyper sensation, they could feel one another throbbing and swelling within her. Katy looked to be on the verge of losing consciousness, though her screams of pleasure erased any concern from their minds.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum." Michael managed to utter between fits of heavy panting.

"Me too." Ryan strained to add.

"Do it!" Was Katy's only command.

Michael could feel it coming, the tingle starting deep down in his egg sized balls and working its way to his middle. The pressure began to build within him, and his thrusting became more urgent and forceful. Without missing a beat, Ryan too quickened his pace. One right after the other, their cocks erupted with sticky white streams. Neither could bare to make a sound, their bodies shaking with pleasure as the pumped shot after shot of cum into her and thrusted away in each other's juices. The bed was soaked as the pressure forced the sticky fluid to spray out in large quantities. Michael bit down on his lip, Ryan whimpered, and Katy moaned loud enough for everyone at the party to hear her over the thumping bass of the music outside.

Slowly, shakily, Ryan slid his cock out and rolled over onto his back next to Michael. Katy lifted herself up and collapsed at the foot of the bed, panting heavily and finding herself unable to move. Michael merely sat there, stunned and silent. For a while, none of them said anything. None of them could say anything. They sat in silence, covered in one another's warm fluids too weak to move.

"...Katy?" Ryan managed to say.

"Hmm?" She weakly called out, her voice muffled by the sheets that her face was buried in.

"You're on the pill, right?"

At that moment, they all did their best impression of a laugh though no sound came out. Only smiles on their faces. Ryan's eyes closed, and he slid his head over onto Michael's shoulder. Michael wrapped his arm around his neck, laying his head on his chest and gingerly petting his hair until his eyes too fell closed. The part outside raged on, but the room was dead silent.