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    What can I say? I obviously "like big dicks, and I cannot lie." But I really think that half of what I'm responding to (especially when I don't know for sure if a guy is hung or not) is his self-confidence. I think that men with large dicks have more of that. I'm here as an admirer, I don't have a big dick. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my dick thoroughly. And I think other do too, but I wasted a lot of time feeling less-than. It never really dawned on me until one night when I went to a sex club in LA. I was looking for big meat to suck, and I was standing with my back to the wall waiting for Mr. Goodbar to bury into my throat when a guy stood across from me. He wasn't a very big guy, and even though I like a big body too, I never pass on the little guys because they often have some of the biggest dicks. he started rubbing his crotch in a provocative way and I thought I had found what I was looking for. When he opened his pants, I was a little disappointed to see that he actually had a rather small cock. but he just pointed to me and then pointed down to his dick. he was so full of confidence... and was surprised to find myself really responding to his demands. he wasn't going to take no for an answer, so I went over and knelt in front of him. I started sucking his cock and started telling me what a dirty cocksucker I was. He was verbal and really into it. I love a dirty-mouthed, verbal exchange when I'm making a cock feel good and he really delivered. After a while he pulled his dick out of my mouth and soaked me down with a huge load of jizz. I realized at that moment that in many cases, I wasn't responding to the cock, but to the man. the opposite has been true too. sometimes I respond to the big beautiful dick and I find that all the poor guy wants is to be manhandled and have his mouth or ass fucked... but because he has a big fat cock, all anybody wants him for is to top them... that must be as frustrating as feeling less than for not having a whopper in your pants.
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    Yeah in a way i can understand what you are saying. I think it has a lot to do with how the person was raised. I have had 3 sums with the other guy kinda a bit iffy about getting his junk out infront of me ( was girl in middle )

    regardless of that. we are there for the fun. Sure a decent size rod is good. and in some ways is a ego booster knowing that your penis is big. Mines a decent size for my height, being 6 foot and just under 18cms i like what i got...

    But i personally am shy. thats my nature. i was raised as the quiet little christain kid, the haha is on mum and dad.

    no so innocent anymore.
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    Size really does give you confidence. And if you don't size but you feel like you're skilled at lovemaking, you're also confident. I don't know all the details, but I imagine the pussyhound friends I have had in life have all had self-confidence. Not all the blokes were all that stunning to look at either, so you don't need to be this horse hung muscle god to get laid. Women admire guys who can strike up a conversation and aren't afraid to be assertive about what they want.
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