Sen. Kyle reaffirms:Obama said he is leveraging border control for immigration reform

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trinity, Jun 22, 2010.

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    This sure wasn't a slow news day...

    Sen. Kyle says Obama stated he was leveraging securing the borders in order to get Republicans to deal on comprehensive immigration reform and the White House denies it. Who is telling the truth?


    Obama's actions speak louder than words. Obama can deny Sen. Kyle's recollection of the encounter but his actions affirm it more than Kyle ever could.

    First Sestak had to stand on his word against the Obama administration and they had to push Pres. Clinton up to bail them out of that one. Now Kyle is in a He Said/He Said with Obama on border control and Comprehensive Immigration...with a large majority of Americans against Obama on this issue...the gasp of the woman at Kyle's townhall is echoing.
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