Senate Vacancies

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    There are 1 or 2 ( or possibly even 3) vacancies in the United States Senate following the elections:

    The possibilities are:

    Illinois: If Barack Obama is elected President, he will have to resign and the Democratic Governor of Illinois will appoint a replacement.

    Arizona: If John McCain is elected President, the Democratic Governor of Arizona will be appointing a replacement for him in the Senate which could give the democrats another seat.

    Delaware: Joe Biden is a safe bet to win re-election in Delaware. However, if he ends up becoming Vice President of the United States the Governor there will have to appoint someone to fill the vacancy. The Democratic Governor is term-barred. So, depending on when Biden resigns either she or her sucessor (possibly a Republican, although not likely) will appoint someone to fill the vacancy.

    Alaska: If Ted Stevens manages to win re-election and then resigns or is forced out, Governor (and possible Vice-President) Sarah Palin would choose his replacement in the US Senate. She could appoint herself to fill the vacancy and make it to Washington anyways. LOL.

    Interesting to note: A republican win in the Presidential election could end up costing them a Senate seat!
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