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    prepky: I have a question for the wife and I have started to try and have a family, but I have been wondering. Does sex feel different after child birth? I over heard one of my co-workers say that she couldnt even feel her husband enter her the first time after she had her daughter (but I also heard her say that he is no "Porn Star either")

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    We had four children and with the birth of each one we faithfully waited the 6-week period the doctors recommended. It paid off, I think. She had no discomfort and I had the feeling that little had changed.

    That may have been due to my girth but the main thing is, if you wait the requisite time after the birth of your child, you are allowing healing and restoration to take place. It'll pay off, I guarantee, Prep.


    A test-tube baby has a womb with a view.
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    Tender: You should definately wait the six weeks, AT LEAST.
    We didnt, (not MY idea, lol)
    and anyway, its not enjoyable at all..... when you are still stitched up!

    some women heal faster, depending on how much tearing there was up inside, and other factors, so it can take longer than six weeks, that is just a minimum time frame.
    she should see her doctor before you resume.
    having sex before she is healed completely will increase her chances of re-tearing tissue that is healing, infection, ect.

    But, i dont think that is what you really are asking.
    You want to know how sexual feeling changes after having a baby. ?
    Well again each one is different.
    For me, it was awful for about 2 years.
    not enjoyable at all.
    Dr said there was probably exposed nerve endings keeping the area painful, even thought it was all healed and nothing was wrong. so i hurt even when i wasnt doing anything. i just had the pain alot.
    Some women have tearing toward the clit, which is very painful, and takes a LONG time to heal.

    As far as the size issue, doing keggels has helped alot of women to regain the muscle tone they had before the baby. doing keggels however doesnt do much for me. (notice how im always the oddball.... :-/)

    Some say that feeling is better after the baby because childbirth pushes the g-spot down lower so that it is more easily stimulated durring intercourse.

    as far as not being able to feel much there afterward, like i said, it can take a LONG time for all of those tender nerves there to heal.

    So things will likely be different for both of you afterward, but, not necesarily in a bad way, just in a different way. She may have some major changes in what she likes, regarding positions, thrusting, ect.... but it will still be good.... just takes time and re-learning eachother......

    When the baby gets about 6 or 8 weeks old, and your wife is ready, plan a weekend away ;)

    Also i should note that a womans sex drive can DRASTICALLY reduce afterwards for a good while.
    1. shes sore.
    2. shes tired.
    3. she doesnt feel sexy---she feels fat, and has stretchmarks.
    4. hormone's are up and down all over the place for a while..... I should say PMS was a playground in my case.
    5. some women experience baby blues, or even depression in a range of degrees. mine was severe for months. if you notice your wife like that, PLEASE get her help.
    6. she may be terrified of getting preg again, at least any time soon.
    7. Schedules may conflict with care of the baby.

    OK there is a small rundown of the whole thing.
    well just a tip of the ice-berg really... :)

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    TENDER !

    Thanks for all the useful info.

    You've helped many guys here! ;)

    -----(possibly some gals, too!)
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