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    Guys and Gals I would like to here about the different sex games that you play with your partners.

    My wife and I and the couples we swing with have been playing a fun dice game for years. We just played it this weekend at our place in Tokyo. We had 8 couples, 2 of them were new to our group. They seemed very apprehensive at the beginning when the game was announced. But they did not want to loose face with the other Japanese couple that was there, so they went along with it. In the end they said that they had a great time.

    Here is what you need to play our dice game.
    1. Poker chips, we use red and white ones.
    2. 2 Bags to put the chips in.
    3. A container for each participant.
    4. Dice Cup and Die. We use one standard 6 sided die. Depending on the size of the group you may want to use a die with less or more sides.
    5. Sharpie Marker to mark chips and containers.

    Prep Steps.
    • Everyone needs to mark 2 chips and one container with thier name.
    • Place one chip in each bag.
    • Place the containers in a line on a table or againt the wall.
    • Put the rest of the red and white chips with the containers.
    • Designate one bag the "To Be Pleasured" , the other bag "The Seducers".

    1. Someone pulls a chip out of the "To Be Pleasured" bag.
    2. That person then rolls the die. The number that appears face up on the die is the number of chips that the "To Be Pleasured" Player pulls out of the "The Seducers" bag. The "To Be Pleasured" Player with pull out anywhere from 1 to 6 chips with a 6 sided die.
    3. The "The Seducers" that are drawn out of the bag are tasked with pleasuring the "To Be Pleasured" Player. The object is be the best lover you can be, not for the "The Seducers" to be getting themselves off. This can often be difficult in a large group sex setting.
    4. Only sex that is allowed in the room is between the "To Be Pleasured" Player and the "The Seducers". The spectators must restrain themselves.
    5. Once all the "The Seducers" have fucked the "To Be Pleasured" Player the "The Seducers" chips are returned to the "The Seducers" bag. The "To Be Pleasured" Player's chip is not returned to the "To Be Pleasured" bag. The "To Be Pleasured" Player will pull a chip from the "To Be Pleasured" bag to determine who is next player.
    6. The "To Be Pleasured" Player's final task is to rate each of the "The Seducers" that made love to them. How good were they? Did they succeed in pleasuring the "To Be Pleasured" Player? The "To Be Pleasured" Player puts a red chip in the Seducer's container and then between 1 and 10 chips depending on how good they were; 10 being the best.
    7. This continues until all the chips in the "To Be Pleasured" bag are gone.

    Scoring the Game.
    At the end of the Game all the white chips in each container are talled and divided by the number of red chips. The player with highest average score is considered the groups best lover.

    After the scoring is done we like to have the top 3 average scores do a victory screw to give us all a good show.

    Now share with us the sex game you and your partners play.
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