sex in ibiza

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    this is a true story.
    its some years ago so i dont remember the girls names but im still mates with the guy i was there with.

    we got to the hotel in the early hours so we just dumped our bags and went out.
    it was 3am the main street of bars was busy.
    short skirts , low tops wemen everywhere.
    we were in heaven.
    but as we had just got off the plane we were just having a few drinks but we were planing for the next day.
    then my mate dave saw two girls we had seen at the airport some hours earlier
    they were just walking int the bar we were in, so he was up off the seat saying hi..
    he was one of these guys that knew how to make wemen laugh, im better when ive had a drink.
    they came over with him.
    one was 5ยด8" probably a size 12/14 (uk sizes) nice curves.. short blond hair. great chest that i needed to play with.....mmm

    the other was some 4 inches shorter , slim but still a nice shape.
    one of those girls with smaller breasts but the perfect size for here body. those breasts................... i could make out every bit of them with the top she had on, clearly no brar ..

    my mate says. this is sarah and nici (nici is the smaller of the two.)
    your round mate he says..
    i get us and them some drinks
    we start to talk. nici is so near to me i can smell the perfume..
    she says "you two" ......... "you were checking us out at the airport."
    as ive had a couple of drinks i reply. " well you have come to ibiza, the land of clubbing,sunshine,drink,drugs,sex..."
    as i say sex she winks.. and cuts in
    "i want lots of that.... ive not had it for months"

    in that split second im thinking... i hope its the sex she is gagging for,

    i turn to see dave has his hands on sarahs arse, she has here arms round him and they are kissing like they are ready for a room.

    i take a breath, stand and pull sarah towards me, she smiles and puts her hands to my face. leans in and says.. "yes i fancy you but your going to have to dance with me before you get a kiss"

    then her hand is in mine and we are off to the dancefloor.
    they are playing some funky sexy house music so its easy to get close to her..
    she has here back to me, pulls my arms round onto her flat firm tummy, her firm little arse is against my cock..
    even when she was near me at the bar i could feel my cock just starting to grow.

    as we dance im trying hard not to grow too much. she must be able to feel me against the top of here firm cheeks.. if she had been in heels my growing cock would have been almost tucked between those cheeks..

    we continue to dance, ive got control.. its semi hard but she must be able to feel it... my semi is some 6 inches..
    thank god im not fully hard, wen im semi hard it will still hang but fully hard ive no chance as im one of these guys that point skyward..

    she must know because she turns and looks me in the eyes.. and says.
    "i can see your not that shy"
    then once she is against me facing me... says "i can feel you.. is there more to come???"

    with a lump in my throat.. i reply.. "yes but you dont want that that for later" i wink... she smiles and leans in to kiss me..
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