Sex in Palm Desert

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by sgtrock, Jul 7, 2008.

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    What is it about the desert, the heat, the lack of clothes, and the smell of sweat? I left Los Angeles early in the morning partly to avoid traffic and then the heat. Arriving early I went to the movie Hancock before checking in. I sat in the top row of seats of the theater it was the noon showing and there weren’t many others here. During the previews a couple came walking up the far right side, she had on short shorts with a nasty camel toe and a mid drift t-shirt with no bra and he was a jarhead in shorts falling off showing his boxers underneath and a t-shirt. I really didn’t pay them any attention although her florescent orange short shorts and obvious camel toe was pretty alluring in a nasty sexual way.

    After the previews and the movie started it didn’t take long before they were engaged in some serious making out. The sound of their slurping wet sucky face kisses was a huge distraction to the movie and from where I was sitting I had a fairly good unconstructive view. I couldn’t help but stare with intense excitement as he gradually had his hands down those shorts, fingering her wet spot. She raised her t-shirt and he began sucking and nibbling on those little tight nipples. I couldn’t believe the show I was getting less than three feet from the projection room and no one else was watching. I watched as she slowing nibbled her way down his neck and torso and then buried her face into his shorts. I didn’t have to see what happen next as he placed his hand on the back of her head as it bobbed up and down in his crotch with her loud moans and slurping sounds. My own cock began to swell with excitement and soon I forgot I was in a theater to watch a movie. First pulling at myself through my own shorts and then shoving my hands down them cupping my swelling cock as it began to throb as I watched her go down on him and his body tighten and contour as he was obviously enjoying it. Soon I found myself circling the head of my cock as my own sticky pre-cum ooze began to flow from its head as I watched their show intently. Oh fuck she was going to town on him and I was pulling the shit out of myself watching their public display. I don’t know how carried away I got and I lost track of time and the movie as I found myself holding my exploding red hot pencil as it shot its hot white mess all over the floor and the seat in front of me as he also was exploding in her mouth. As I sat there spurting and dripping the final droplets of my hot cum and she raised her head and with her sly smile kissed and hugged him and as she did so to the side she saw that I was hopelessly staring, she licked her lips and looked me in the eyes…FUCK I just shot my wad in a movie theater in Palm Desert was this to be the start of my mini vacation? Needless to say I missed a huge chunk of the movie and was a little self-conscience as I left that everyone could see what had happened.

    When I got checked into the Marriott Desert Springs Villa I started the Jacuzzi and got in and played with myself again. Afterwards I sat on the patio with a towel draped across me a glass of red wine as I watched the sun going down across the desert floor and could feel the warm breath of the desert heat this was going to be great mini vacation at least it started off pretty good.
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