Sex In Stages

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    1..The first is Smurf Sex.
    This happens during the honeymoon period; you keep doing it
    until you're blue in the face.

    2.. The second is Kitchen Sex.
    This is at the beginning of the marriage; you'll have sex anywhere,
    anytime, even in the kitchen, on the table, etc...

    3.. The third is Bedroom Sex.
    You've calmed down a bit, perhaps have kids, so you gotta do it
    in the bedroom.

    4.. The fourth is Hallway Sex.
    This is the phase in which you pass each other in the hallway and
    say, "Screw you!!" This is also called oral sex by some...

    5.. There is a fifth kind of sex: Courtroom Sex.
    This is when you get divorced and your wife screws you in front
    of everyone in the courtroom.

    6.. There is also Social Security Sex.
    That's when you get some once a month but it's not near enough
    to live on....
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