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    I'm from ireland, live in Dublin
    So part of the following is true; the remainder is purely my horny fantasy. I'll indicate where the story turns from fact to fiction, for the purists out there.

    Sex in the Sun
    A holiday in Marbella, Spain sounded like a dream to the ears of this pale Irish-guy. A free, all-expenses paid holiday sounded even better. As with most things in life however, there was a catch. I had to spend the holiday with my family. A friend of the family from my hometown was getting married in Spain and my parents coerced me into going by giving me the plane ticket as a birthday present.

    Aside from sharing an apartment with my family the holiday was fantastic; I spent an hour on the beach every day - working on my tan while checking out the hot guys frolicking nearly-nude in the surf. The main downside was that, were I to pull one of them I had nowhere to take him. Added to my frustration was that I was sharing a bedroom with my brother; so no chance for a jerk-off to get rid of my ever-increasing horniness either.

    On my last morning I was down on the beach as usual, when an incredibly hot man lay down beside me. Blonde hair, broad muscular body and short red-shorts, very fit, making me instantly hard. I enjoyed checking him out for a while (not to mention showing him the bulge in my shorts) but eventually had to leave the beach and get ready for my trip home.

    Malaga airport is about 45 minutes away from Marbella - serviced by a bus which leaves every two hours; the timing meant I'd have a 3 hour wait when I got to the airport but I had books to read and my walkman to listen to so I wasn't too bothered.

    When the bus arrived I headed down to the second from last seat and sat by the window. The bus was fairly quiet; at the back end there was one guy in front of me and one behind. I immediately noticed the guy sitting behind as he passed me; tall, dark-hair in shades and dark-blue trunks.

    There's something incredibly erotic about a guy who sits with his legs spread wide; the classic blow-job position. I was horny as it was, and the sight of this guy, one hand over his crotch and his come-suck-me posture made my dick instantly hard.

    As we were travelling accross the sere Spanish landscape I kept glancing behind me to the hot guy. His shades covered his eyes and he looked to be dozing. My cock was throbbing in my shorts, lying against my thigh and was aching to be touched. So I figured what the fuck. I began by outlining the shape of my thick dick against the material of my board-shorts, running my fingers gently up and down the length of my cock, all the while checking out my hot-stud. His hand was resting between his legs, right where my mouth wanted to be. I was fairly sure he was asleep; but still a bit nervous that he might be awake so I was trying to be as surreptitious as possible, i.e. stopping short of whipping out my dick and jerking it off there and then.

    The bus itself wasn't helping me either - my cock was begging for release and each small bump of the bus sent shivers up and down my spine, and along my dick. I was getting bolder; adjusting my bulge so that it was standing upright, tenting my shorts - this way I could rub the head of my cock with my thumb and enjoy the sensation for as long as possible.

    I was enjoying the slow build-up to explosive orgasm so much that I didn't even realise we'd reached the airport. My only thought was 'I need to cum' and I just wanted to run into the bathroom in the airport and blow my load. Before standing up I had to tuck my dick against the waistband of my shorts to hide the blatant bulge.

    <And here's where it turns to fantasy>

    As I stood up hot-shorts guy was moving along the aisle. As he passed he put his hand on my shorts and gave my hard dick a squeeze, saying 'I enjoyed your show, where's Act II?' The bastard had been awake all along; his head had been tilted away from me the whole time so I'd assumed he was asleep - it seemed instead that he'd been checking me out just as I had done him. Not one to turn down an offer I told him to follow me.

    If anyone's ever been to Malaga airport you'll know that it's a bright and airy high-roofed building - and the bathrooms match. I pulled him into one of the cubicles; which was more than big enough for the two of us. I pushed blue-shorts guy onto the toilet seat, spreading his legs wide to duplicate his pose from the bus before fulfilling my fantasy of replacing his hand with my head. As he leaned back the large tent formed by his dick stood completley upright.

    His dark-blue shorts were the silky nylon-cotton kind used by runners and the shape of his cock was very obvious through them. It was also obvious that (like me) he wasn't wearing underwear. Running my hands under the shorts to feel the heat of his firm thighs I put my mouth against his bulging, material-clad cock. The soft feel of the fabric and the pure heat radiating from this dick sent pre-cum dribbling from my own dick. I pulled my shorts down and grabbed my dick, while moving the other hand further up his shorts to grab his firm cock by the base.

    I was so turned on after the bus journey that I didn't want a long intimate encounter; I wanted to feel this guy cum in my mouth and lose my own load as quickly as possible. I quickly yanked down his shorts, releasing his huge cock. He was 9' at least, a firm fat sausage of a cock which looked to be uncut, though it was hard to tell as he was so hard. He wasn't much bigger than me, an inch at most but since I was looking at his dick from the underside it seemed much bigger.

    I drank in the glorious sight of this strangers dick before engulfing it with my mouth - I leaned down and took as much of it as I could in my mouth; working up the saliva to make a really smooth and wet ride for this guy. I could only take about 4 inches at first, but as I moved back and forwards I kept stuffing more and more down my throat as I got used to the sensation of being completely filled by this mammoth dick.

    Blue-shorts guy was shifting his hips as I continued to suck him, moaning softly. My own cock was perilously close to shooting that I had to take my hand off of it; knowing that one or more strokes would send me over the edge. As I moved my mouth up to the top of his dick I would let saliva dribble down, running my enclosed thumb and fore-finger down the full length of his wet cock before stuffing it in my mouth again.

    He moaned softly, continuously bucking his hips. 'I want to fuck your face' he half-growled, half-whispered. I was only too eager to oblige. He stood up, his slick cock standing upright and rested his hands against the cubicle door. I kneeled down again, tilting my head upright to allow me to take his full length in my mouth.

    At first slowly, but with increasing tempo, he forced his thick dick into my mouth, shifting his hips in wider arcs as he thrust from head to balls back and forth against my eager lips. I grabbed his ass to let him know it was okay to thrust faster and harder As he stood there he took one hand from the door and used it to lift up his t-shirt, showing me his tight smooth abs and the line of silky dark hair heading from just under his belly-button to his well-kept pubes. Raising the shirt higher I could see his muscled pecs, and the dark erect nipple which he was gently teasing between thumb and finger. Even though I didn't have my hands near my dick I could still feel the spunk rising in my balls and I was aching to cum.

    I wasn't the only one. Dropping his hand away from the t-shirt blue-shorts-guy put it on the back of my head instead, pushing my head forward to meet his pubic hair as he completely filled me up. 'I'm cumming' he grunted and I could feel his cock tighten and get even harder as his orgasm built. I love to watch a guy shoot his load so I moved my head back, releasing his dick just as he started to shoot. A jet of creamy white spunk shot from the tip of his purple-headed cock and flew right over my head. The sight of this hot fucker losing it made my own dick jump and I started to cum as well, without the aid of my hands. I could feel my dick tense and throb and my own spunk started to shoot accross the room as Blue-shorts-guy shot a second spurt, which fell on my forehead.

    I moved my mouth closer to his dick and his third spurt of hot cum poured accross my lips, rolling down my chin. His fourth shot landed in my open mouth and I closed my lips around the head of his dick to feel another three shots fill my mouth up. My own cum was still dribbling from my engorged dick onto the tiled floor.

    Finally emptied of cum, I swallowed blue-short-guys cock once more to wipe any trances of cum from it before reluctantly letting it go. We both pulled our shorts back up in silence. Just as we were about to leave he leaned in to me and kissed me, saying 'Thanks' before walking out the door. I waited the mandatory two minutes before leaving myself; much more relaxed and still with time to spare before having to check in for my flight.
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    Hot fun in the Summer time!:smile:
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    Livened up a dull airport!
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