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    My girl just got back from a trip, 2 1/2 weeks gone. Needless to say when she got back we spent all day/night/next morning fucking. I think it was about 4 minutes between seeing her and being inside of her. After a bit less than 24 hours, we had had sex 10 times and we were both kinda sore, tho her more than I. The last couple of times she didn't really want to at first because she was hurting, but I managed to convince her. She says times like that are rape, but I counter with the fact that its not rape if the girls on top and she has an orgasm.

    I wanted to win for the day, but the score was tied after it all, both came 10 times (one time she came twice and another she came when I was fingering her while getting hard). I like to keep track and try to give her more than I have. She couldn't care less, just enjoys it, but I like knowing.

    Anyways it was a lot of fun, one of the best parts was the reaction from my friend when I told him how many times. He couldn't believe it. After I said something about dear penthouse he told me that no one would believe me if i did write in somewhere lol. But I know someone has a story to top that, so please share.
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    one time i when to a christmas party with work and took my girlfriend with me, we had both had sex MANY times before, however we had not done it together. after we got back from the party, it was about 11pm and one thing led to another and be end up having the best sex that i have ever had. we started at about 11pm and i stayed hard the whole time, cum about 4 times, she cummed 6 or 7 times. we finished at 7.30 and both left for work at 8.15am
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