Sex Places To Go In Montreal

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    I was thinking of going to Montreal, Canada. I have heard that it is really great for sex clubs. I am basically straight and would like to go to places where I can cum off, whether I jerk off watching a girl or have her jerk me off. I am not looking for full sex. I have heard that there are massage parlors where you can go and you can have a girl jerk you off and they have some that have reverse massage where part of the massage you massage the girl too and then she jerks you off. Also I have heard that they have places to go where you jerk off in front of the girl. I am looking to stay for about a week so I would like to try a few places. Has anyone gone to any of these places and have the names of any of the good places to go. I don't really want to go to places that are really dirty or sleezy. I've never gone to any places to actually cum off like that before but would really like to go somewhere and cum off. I would appreciate any information on places to go, or maybe there are better places in that part of Canada.
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