Sex Positions that are difficult due to your size

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    whether your size is bigger or.....gulp.....smaller. Why are these positions difficult?

    I'll start. My cock is small. There are many positions I have difficulty with, but I cannot do it while we are standing up and me behind her. My cock is just too short. Doing it in the spooning position while lying down is also difficult, but not impossible.

    I have had 2 women whose favorite position was for them to be prone. One their belly. With one GF I had it was just pretty much impossible. With my wife (her favorite position also), it is difficult to get in at first. Once I start going it isn't quite as bad, but there have been many many times where I am not sure if I have slid out or not. I will stop, and ask her if I am in or not. usually my wife will say, "I don't know. you are never inside very far anyway".

    Often I don't even know I am in until I come. If the cum goes inside of her then I was in. If it goes all over the sheets, well, you know
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