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    sstory: Hi everyone. Well, I might as well introduce myself, I am sstory. I am a webdesigner/developer. I have visited this site under a different username, but I am using this one because some things are associated with my other username that I don't want certain people aware of.

    Well, in a nutshell, I just created a sex confession website. Basically, a site where people anonymously post their real sexual experiences. There is a fiction "option", but it is prefered that people post their "true" stories.

    Anyways, I won't post a link (unless I am told otherwise) as my site does have affiliate links on it and I don't want to piss anyone off. But I more or less just want people to check it out and give me some feedback based on the design, colors, layout, etc...

    If you wanted to post a story, by all means do so, but that isn't the reason I am posting this.

    The site is not pornography. There are some banners that show some nudity, but the site is mostly text based.

    The reason I created the site was because though there are alot of sex story sites out there, not many of them focus on the "true" story aspect. So I thought, hey, CONFESSIONS would be a good route to take. Thing is, though, is that most story sites suck in terms of design and usability. My site is very professional looking, clean, easy to navigate, and easy to post stories.

    Anyways, I guess if you are interested, just shoot me a PM unless I am given authority to post the link.

    I am posting a small screenshot so you can see the design, but I don't know if it will be approved.

    Thanks everyone
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