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Sex tales of a chinese masseuse..

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by simbasa12, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. simbasa12

    simbasa12 Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2005
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    So I went to see one of my new favorite girls today in San Francisco for a massage and a lttle more. Calls herself Yo-Yo and is a sexy 36 year old divorcee from China who speaks good english and is very friendly and flirty. Well, she's looking for that bigger tip being flirty but overall she's a very honest speaking girl. I find that most of them are. A nice lady just trying to earn a living and enjoying her job, somewhat. The pay is good for the amount of work she does and she said she would rather do this than waiting tables. She told me a few interesting things today....

    She said that some guys eat their own cum. I guess it's like some people eat their own boogers? I don't know but she said sometimes she goes to get tissue to clean them up after they cum and they tell her no don't bother and then they slurp it up.:confused:

    She said that chinese guys have small dick. Her ex-husband was only 4 inches she said. I said there must be some chinese customers that have some good size? Nope she said. Alrighty then. Also, they don't like to give oral sex, so many chinese women never get oral sex. I have heard that a few times from other girls..

    She said that sometimes short guys have huge cock and tall guys have small cock. Largest one she saw was a black guy but she said some white guys are huge too. One black customer was very tall and she was surprised that his dick was only 5-6 inches. Talk about getting shortchanged....

    Some customer have big balls, which she thinks is ugly, and some shoot alot of cum, which she likes to see. Some guys come after only a couple of strokes. Easy work for her.

    She said that most chinese girls only like to fuck 3-4 times a week while alot of korean girls like to fuck alot. I know that usually chinese girls are more conservative thinking and serious. Very few that I have met, and I have met ALOT, are flirty and nasty like american girls can be. I have to say, the nastiest asian girls I have met are korean and thai. Most conservative sex attitude I have met? Definitely chinese.

    And last, she said I was medium size, a little bit longer than average at 6.5" or so. This is true. I never had one tell me I am big. But they did say that it's perfect size for fucking.

    Only had one chinese girl out of 300 or so say she likes big ones, but only to look at, as sex is too painful for her with big. The rest that I have asked say they don't like big ones. Period.

    Anyone else have experience with this please tell us your thoughts. I always find it interesting what these girls have to say. After all, they have seen more dick in person than most of us will in our lives.
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