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    Two best friends were having lunch one day and the 1st best friend said she and her husband were having trouble with their sex life. Her friend told her that she was having trouble too, and that they went to a sex therapist and now it's greater than ever.

    The 1st best friend asked what the advice was. She replied that the therapist told them to go to a grocery store, purchase peanuts and doughnuts, go home, and sit naked across from each other on the floor. He was to toss a peanut at her. Everytime he got a peanut in her vagina, he had to get it out with his mouth. Everytime she tossed a doughnut around his penis, she had to get it off with her mouth.

    The 1st best friend was intrigued and decided to take her husband to the same therapist. After a few minutes the therapist told them that there was nothing he could do for their sex life. She begged and pleaded asking if there was anything they could do.

    Finally he said, "Go to the grocery store. Buy some apples and cheerios...."
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    Oh thats funny. LOL:biggrin1:
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    ROTFLMAO!!!!! :lmao:
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