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    OK, women I have a question and you might not be the right women to ask, but your help is welcomed. I am assuming just being on this website you are much more liberated than my wife, but your opinion help may shed some light.

    My wife has a much lower libido than I do and then add in her period etc my needs are much higher than hers. Much of the time, she is nice enough to use other methods to keep us on a even keel. Here is the problem, she really sees blow jobs as a chore and uses them for special occasions if you know what I mean. I can get off fairly quickly with blows jobs, but hand jobs are just not working much anymore. I am now 40 plus years old and hand jobs have lost the luster. If she starts with a blow job and then moves to a hand job it is much easier. A hand job only can take 25 to 30 minutes and we both get board /annoyed. Then when I ask the next time, the answer now, I need my sleep etc.

    My question is there un-intimidating sex toys that you use to get your man off? I have seen and heard about the Fleshlight, but that seems like it would be intimidating. (no dildo suggestions, not happenning here) I think they make sleeves etc, but I am not sure they would work any better than a regular hand job. Furthermore, keep in mind I would have to introduce it, because she is just not going to buy me one for Christmas.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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