Sex when the phone rings

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    The summary of this thread page is SHOW OFF

    quote" For the exhibitionists and voyeurs.............."

    I guess this is a little different, but seamed like the most obvious place to post.

    Last Sunday, was just starting a session with my wife. A beatuiful woman, she usually takes a few minutes to relax and get in the mood. - I was already there!

    So, I lay her down on the end of the bed, and I stand, I can get my hands all over her, and easy access to all points............ and great for her to suck on my cock while I finger her, massage head etc etc.

    So.....we had just started our session. I was standing behind her at the side of the bed massaging her head......and the phone rings...........

    I told her to answer it and continued to massage her head. It was her sister. I became immeddiatley turned on, and started jerking with one hand as I massaged her with the other. I thought she was going to frown at this while she was on the phone, but she just smiled.

    It was a huge turn on to be doing all this as she chatted to her sister. I was close to a mini orgasm, and dropped a load - about 2 teaspoons of cum right on her forehead. This is when she paused. I thought I'd be in trouble, but she just smilled after a few secounds, and opened her mouth, teasing me that i didn't get any in her mouth. Moving down the end of the bed, I lifted one leg up and over her and started rubbing her clit with mu cock. To my surprise, she rolled her hips to the side a little, so I could jerk the head of my cock against her clit.

    Cum was dripping all over her forehead, and still chatting to her sister like nothing had happened, I moved between her legs, and aimed my cock into her. Again to my surprise, she opened up enough, and I was quickly inside her, pumping her with firm full strokes as she chatted to her sister. I was almost like her sister was in the same room.

    It was a very very memorial session, extra horny and exciting for me as she chatted with her little sister as I pounded into her harder and faster.

    I'll cut the story there, but you get the picture.........

    I guess, it was the closest thing to having her sister in the same room, or watching or something like that.

    Has anyone else had a similar expirence?
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    I was with this one girl once and we had been going at it a while when the phone rings and its her mom and she grabs my hips and holds me from moving, We were in Doggy style so I started to roll my hips and poke in different directions as she was distracted and slapped my leg. I continued to tease and she wrapped up the call quickly. Then like 10 min later I have her legs on my shoulders an am plowing her good and hard and a friend calls in Dire stress. She tries to ask her to call back I can see shes close so I slowly continue. The friend is so distraught that she doesn't even notice the various nice's she makes as she cums, while trying to hmmm and ahhhh in the conversation. I blew all over he stomach and tits making her squeal passes out beside her. She finished her conversation cleaned up and came back to get me hard again. After that she had a thing about talking to her friends on the phone during sexual acts, like jerking me off and what not. Once I went down on her while she was on webcam with a friend. She was rather exciting, we tried things in various theaters to as well a couple of times.
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