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    We have heard these complaints from females. They go to a chat room or forum and as soon as they sign on, they are pretty much assaulted by the males in the room with sexual invitations from many kinds of people. One thing that I never realized was that men can go through this as well.

    This would be in chat rooms like or the aol chatrooms, but it's still no different. Once they see my age and race, comparatively old men (like 20+ years older than me) will IM me quickly just to get a piece of meat, whether or not they are married.

    There are several things that have pissed me off after the many conversations that I have had.
    1) People who can't take no for an answer - These are the people that will keep asking you in many different ways to get in your pants. If they don't have a picture, they claim that they are just being discreet and claim that they are good looking. If I continue to say no, they get extremely angry with me.

    2) Married men wanting some - It's okay if you guys talk to your wives about your sexual fantasies and what you want to do about it. But it becomes an issue when they have sex behind their partner's back. Of course, when I say this they tell me that they are a nice person and to not judge them on the basis of lying to their spouses, S/Os.

    3) Prostitution - I really hate it when people try to offer me money and stuff to have sex with them. I've been offered trips, room and board and lots of money, but all that makes me feel is cheap and like some sort of useable object at the store. These are mostly the people who lack confidence in getting people (or undercover cops) on their own terms or those who are desperate to experience sex with a black man. This is probably the #2 way to turn me off after the married men issue.

    I have since stopped going to the AOL chat rooms and cancelled my account for not really being into men that much at this point and the reasons stated above. Unfortunately, it seems to not be over since I recently got a PM from someone here who did 2 out of the 3 things that really bother me.

    I do realize that some men do wish they could get all of this attention. I must admit that I was happy to get this attention for a bit. But then, it almost got sickening the kind of people that would come up to me for sex and not an intellegent conversation.

    I wonder, how many men go through this and feel similarly?
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