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    SPOILER ALERT: You may not want to read this post if you haven't yet seen Sunday night's Dexter.

    38 yo actor Chris Vance was born in London and raised in both the UK and Ireland. He played the "late" Cole character in the last couple episodes of Dexter and had a very brief nude sex scene in Sunday's ep. If you don't know him from Dexter, he's also done Mental, Burn Notice and Prison Break. (As soon as I saw him a couple of weeks ago in Dexter, I checked him out in IMDb b/c I thought he was really hot.)

    Some pics from Sunday's Ep .... Hot Chris Vance Scene in Dexter Ep 5x08

    And some additional Chris Vance pics from other series ....

    Superherofan/Gallery/C/Chris Vance
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